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  1. Thank you @digitalavinash those settings are not confusing me.
  2. What is the reason of going off line automatically? I feel frustrated, when I guess that may be my status is not online that's why I wont see any buyer's requests. And daaaa! When I go to settings I find my status OffLine.
  3. He is "EXPERT", Just asked a question about "PUBLISHING" all 7 gigs at a time. Expertise and TOCs are some kinda different things.
  4. I just missed a project of my very interest due tho this error message. What could be wrong?🤕
  5. Will be waiting restlessly to read that confirmation or rejection. As I've installed it already and found my peace of mind. ... Thank you.
  6. I don't get "14th", but surely you've got good amount of orders within 60 days. It can be Luck, but Work is Involved. ... Great achievement.🤗
  7. Humm… I’ve learned from the educators from some specific school of thought i.e., " Believers". Actually humankind had everything without doing nothing, you know like in heaven. And after demotion to this very Earth, they are stuck in troubles and struggles. Most of them have adjusted with this culture and like challenges and search for one. But still, they want to feel the ease of life. It’s in the nature of humankind to have everything just by thinking about it and there it is. … :thinking:
  8. If he is not clicking on the accept/approve button on the offer, how can he accept the offer? Its all crystal clear that he intentionally is not accepting the offer. May God help you with this problem.
  9. Hi everybody, Not sure of asking this kido question; BUT it is confusing me. When I look at my gig’s details it shows the amounts in my local currency, and its a bit confusing me. Thinking about to have all the amounts display in USD I know the option is available at the Top-Left corner under the profile picture But if I change it to $ will this have any side effects? Need some guidance Please
  10. The solution to poor quality and unethical use of a platform isn’t to ignore it. Ignoring it doesn’t discourage unethical people from promoting unethical practices. Why are you blaming this seller for wanting this to be a better, substantive place that actually helps sellers. That’s the whole point of a forum. Instead of encouraging people to ignore things that are wrong, why aren’t you discouraging people from using it the wrong way and ruining it for everyone else? @humanissocial,… No doubt you are right at my wrong point, just because I’ve written such a short version of my thoughts and feelings. What I learned from the time in my 48 years of struggle is quite short and abbreviated. The advice can only be given to one who: We can bring the one back to senses: and now?.. I’m readily waiting to collect the FLAGzzzzz. 📭
  11. @antomtjvc, It feels bad, you could have ignored them or just stopped taking part. :thinking:
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