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  1. A user just texted me saying what kind of tools do I use for my work. She wanted a picture of it and said she'll buy my gig . I showed it to her then out of curiosity visited her profile just to find out she's copying my gig title and descriptions on her gigs. I already reported her gigs. But my question is will they take her gigs down? And what if she reports me first?
  2. Not on my account, but one of my siblings would like to use it on their account. I just want to be sure if that old payoneer account is usable or not.
  3. I've been wanting to remove my Payoneer account and add another one instead. I will probably do it anytime soon. But my question is, if I remove a payoneer account, will I be able to use that removed account in another Fiverr account again?
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