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  1. how you edited the sent offer, please guide
  2. Thanks. Now I read the forum rules and assure you that shall abide them in the best spirit please.
  3. Nice Questions! @coerdelion You have all the right to ask questions please, i will share my genuine thoughts with you in the form of para wise replies to your questions as below:- I am new to fiverr and to be honest nobody told me that posting here will get me more sales however, you can see from my data that since joining i am spending considerable time on fiverr forum in terms of reading different useful posts/ comments/ advises and participating actively which includes giving likes and sharing my input where i think is appropriate in the form of comments. Having said that i will openly accept that creating own pleasant/ positive post is always good/ beneficent to involve others and definitely it creates positive impression and serve as a strong kick off. No. Neither i paid to anyone for a course to take it as a homework task nor discussed with anyone or sought guidance. Right or wrong, purely my own decision/ thought to create some positive post and participate as an active fiverr forum member. To conclude, post was generated with a very clean and positive intent. Dear @coerdelion, i have shared my genuine thoughts with you and politely offer you that still if you have any other query, please do ask openly. Regards
  4. Dear @coerdelion, Said post are my genuine thoughts which i want to share with fiverr family. Moreover, category was also changed/ edited in the light of your kind direction. It is requested to please consider for posting please. Kind Regards
  5. @humanissocial, I am new to fiverr, busy in searching good things reading and thanking the good work please
  6. Thanks for update Grateful please!
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