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  1. That’s the aim. it should looks like video games. 🙂
  2. Thanks for the feedback. 🙂 If I chanllenge and get 50 sample at 10$ each it will blow up my wallet. 😃 I guess I will go through all the pixel art Gigs to find the “look” that I want to have a pay for 1 image “to see”. Again thanks for the feedback. I really do not want to do things wrong. 🙂 Mam’s
  3. I will do it. 🙂 Should I do this here? in the forum?
  4. Dear all, If I understand properly, I am a buyer here. I have a stupid question: I have a boardgame project and currently I am looking for the illustrator (pixel-Art needed) The project will be kickstarted within a year. (I am working for this now.) To find the “chosen one”, an before to deal with him for the project. I want to “challenge” the illustrator to proceed to 2 or 3 sample to see if it’s suitable for me. Is it something possible? Is it something “normal” or bad? Are there some rules for this? As you can see I am a noob for this. 🙂 For the future, when the “chosen one” will be find here or there, I will ask for some images (depending of my wallet and the price). It will not be the full project first. But when it will be founded (Or before), she/he will have all illustrations. 🙂 Thanks a lot for your help. Mam’s
  5. Hi there. I am Alexandre. I hope that I will find my hapiness here. And yes! I am French. 😃 Mam’s
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