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  1. Some categories indeed do not get as much buyer requests
  2. I got my first 5-star review yesterday. This after 40 days of being constantly active on Fiverr, Never stop believing your order will come eventually!
  3. Try to improve your gig quality, be sure buyers want YOU.
  4. Think about the business you’re in, there are 20000 others doing ‘a unique logo design’. You’ll have to pop out!
  5. Try to improve the writing in your descriptions etc. this will scare off some native customers!
  6. I would recommend to at a small description to every package, it can be anything but now it looks very empty!
  7. I would say 7 gigs for a new seller.
  8. I personally always would state that concurrents are a good thing since they make you improve your quality, even more, however a lot of the new sellers (mostly located in the Graphics & Design and the Programming & Tech industry) are not capable of delivering even a glimpse of what they promise. That’s a bad thing for all the sellers on Fiverr since people are more likely to stay away from something they’ve had bad experiences with.
  9. Your gig looks decent, I think it is just the fact that there is so much concurrention in the logo designing business. You’ll really have to jump out. Good luck!
  10. Mostly for custom offers by the way. With the regular offers this is already possible
  11. My personal opinion is that fiverr themselves could also do the afford to make things payable in euros/JPY/GBP. Since these are some major currencies, a lot of sellers will adjust their prices towards these.
  12. I’ve had some of these as well, just report them.
  13. Great start, hope you can continue this trend!
  14. That’s on being some thousands cheaper haha
  15. Yeah, was trying to reach something more casual with potential buyers but thanks for the tip!
  16. But wait, that one is not cheaper and it’s description is false.
  17. I thought the same about that, if you have to translate it will cost you way more time to translate par example 10000 words than 1000 words. But on the other hand, you could say since they buy more they deserve a slight discount.
  18. That’s strange, will try and fix that later tonight!
  19. https://www.fiverr.com/share/AGExGR
  20. Do you have any experience with getting more messages etc after getting some 5-star reviews?
  21. I just realized that those higher packs were still partially based on my previous prices, thanks for notifying. Normally there shouldn’t be any grammar mistakes in my description so to say someone is bad at anything based on a lie is a bit rude if you ask me.
  22. i’d suggest you to contact customer support!
  23. Yeah, it happens when you write on a forum, this would obviously be fixed in a task as i would do revisions (it’s written like that in my native language haha). Was talking about a university test btw. Just did those fiverr test and they are way too easy if you ask me. Thanks for the tip, will change the profile pic!
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