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  1. Hello everyone. I hope all you May fine & safe. I want to discuss an issue facing more than 1month. The issue is I cant Make my new gig … a third step where we have to give description about the gig. that bar is not enabling me to write anything. however, the FAQ bar becomes green when I select over there. Please help me by giving some suggestions about what is the issue? Anyone is there whoever been faced this problem in the past?
  2. That could happen from bad internet or because you have a slow computer, i would recommend to leave it in draft and then open it again to edit it. -Have a good day image754×421 76.6 KBSee this … It is not enabling me to type anything
  3. Hey Guys, I am New seller at Fiverr. I Am facing the problem while making my Gig. In the 3rd step of the Description & FAQ step… The cursor does not turn in the writing bar… Can anyone guide me what is the issue?
  4. I only charged just according to their budget. & also tried to keep less charges.
  5. **Hello, I have a question that I am getting impressions on my Gig … and Receiving 3 to 4 buyers requests daily… After submitting my offer to that requests … I don’t receive any response from the buyers.. Can anyone else tell me what is the issue? Capture1334×588 71.1 KB
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