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  1. Oh, SEO is a quite difficult thing. You have to read alot about it
  2. It was very useful, I did exactly what you said and everything is fine 😉 Thank you one more tine
  3. but is it compulsory to give a passport copy ? I don’t wanna give it
  4. Welcome and good luck, friend! I am trying to become a video editor too, but it’s very difficult for me. Can you give me some pieces of advice? I would be very grateful for that! First of all, I am interested in what app are you using to edit your videos? I have tried a lot of different services, and for me, the best one so far is offeo. This is definitely the best intro maker, as it’s very simple to use, and even a begginer like me is able to use it. Also, it makes amazing intros, which makes this service irreplaceable for any video editor. However, I am really curious to read how are you editing your videos, maybe I will find something new for me
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