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  1. Iam a new seller and I got 3 orders…but they like my work …but they don’t give me review so iam struggleing to achieve more realiable gig to the customer…they do not choose me bcoz I don’t have review and they think I get only one work…
  2. yea i also the same problem …same messages and mail i have also…what did we do.so disappointed because my first fiverr money is that to withdraw…please help fiverr …
  3. This is my most liked tip in Fiverr forum ever thanks fir the good information given to ours…my bro
  4. Iam also really thanks for my sir sajil tech center iam commes in the paltform becoz if him.lots of love and blessings to my sir
  5. Hey don’t get any orders…don’t worry it will come soon definitely 👍
  6. Oops dear…so you have only get one orders per gigs…At that Have your ever used Fiverr forum or gig shareing…
  7. Hey god bless you…dear .would you share your experiences and feedback how to get…the awesome moments
  8. yea its illeal or aganist the fiverr tos rule
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