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  1. 6 hours ago, maezma85 said:

    I think the problem was that he asked you for a very simple modification and he told you that he needed that in 5 minutes and you answered him repeatedly if that was the last modification even though it was obvious that he needed it quickly. One thing is for someone to ask you to redesign something but if they only ask you to modify a text I do it for free even after the sale has been completed, I think it did not cost you anything to do it and if they kept asking to change the good text, there I would have told him.

    Please, Read my post again... Everything has limitation...

    When he asked me to correct the texts after completing the order, I corrected text and sent him to the inbox ... Now the same thing happened again ...
    No matter how simple it may be, if someone wants it over and over again, at least I can't
    Time is money ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I completed an order with a buyer many days ago. Two days ago he came to me with another order. Then I listened to all the recommendations of his work ... He told me, keeping the dimensions and font size of an image, he had to change the text. Then I took his order and delivered after the work was done ... He gave good feedback with 5 star rating.
    The next day he tells me in the inbox, he has to change the text ... I did as he said, I changed the text.
    Always, I try to satisfy my clients... But everything has limit...
    Today he is saying in the inbox again, he has to change the text. So I asked him if it was his final modification ... but He was threatening me ... telling me my account would be disabled. I wasn't scared because I didn't do anything wrong ... I delivered everything to him perfectly ... and in the end I blocked him.

    Update: Just canceled the order from Fiverr Support.
    Wahh :)... What a support.... they cancel my order without proper investigation.
    Money is not a problem but my order completion rate has come down due to order cancellation.

    Now I want suggestions, what should I do?








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  3. 1 minute ago, lloydsolutions said:

    Hopefully we can now put this conversation to bed!ย ๐Ÿ’ค

    Yes... but last question.... And Yes... I can confirm it with customer support....

    But for about 2 years ... I sent many website links to my clients as a sample or portfolio site because I am a web designer ...
    So If there is no permission to give other links in Fiverr's inbox then why didn't I get even 1 warning for it? ...

  4. On 6/24/2021 at 11:42 PM, kumartapos said:

    Please tell me ..ย  Can i send a portfolioย  linkย  likeย  behance.net . when i send a buyer request or massage in inboxย  ??


    23 hours ago, lloydsolutions said:

    No you can't!ย 

    Take time to read the link above. Behance is not on the list!


    @lloydsolutions@cre8iveartwork@theratypist First of all, I want to say that... Man is mortal....Man make mistakes... And To err is human... So If I make any mistake... I'm Sorry for that... You can correct me.... Thank you...

    Now,,,Please everyone, Read the post again... @kumartaposwanted to know... Can he send a link via inbox ??? And he did not mention about Gig Creation...
    Allowed Links for Gigs This limitation for gig creation...That's Okay but what's the problem with inbox?


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