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  1. I really wish people would stop using this as a reason to either blame Fiverr (which others have done), or to stop them from taking risks. Complete your order. Don’t worry about what could happen. Fiverr doesn’t want to cancel orders. But it does happen from time to time – that’s the nature of being a seller here. Be a great seller, and give CS reasons to side with you in any future cancellation demands. Don’t worry about future fears. Concern yourself with being a great seller, who delivers top-quality work. You can’t change what might happen… but you can influence what happens right now. Thank you very much ❤️
  2. Thanks @alpi123 and @jonbaas. Today I learn something new. And @jonbaas, I want to know from you that there is a risk of bad reviews here, well that’s okay. But even after the order is complete, the buyer cancels the order by contacting support. How will it be then? Because Fiverr gives more priority to the buyer.
  3. Define your “best”. What ACTIONS are you taking to build your reputation as a great seller, connect to your target customers, and convince them to hire you. What ACTIONS are you taking to compete against the thousands of other sellers that offer the same services as you? Can you teach me how to convince a buyer? 😬 I know it’s a silly question :crazy_face: But you know People learn step by step
  4. More than likely because of how long the active gigs’s stats for impressions, clicks, and orders were down? My conversion rate was also 0%. And Click, impression is good but not geting any orders. last delivery 12 days ago
  5. Thanks for your reply but do you know why the conversion rate has disappeared?
  6. 2 days ago From my Fiverr app, the conversion rate has disappeared. Now it’s show only impressions and clicks. I don’t understand why conversion rate disappeared.
  7. Welcome to Fiverr and Fiverr Forum ❤️
  8. because of this brother… Don’t worry your message will be approved soon… 🙂 Yes… I understand… And My massage is already approved.
  9. Ow Ow… Okay… Thank you… I learned something new today. And I was so nervous that’s why I didn’t notice that my massage already approved.
  10. The buyer told me to go to Out-Side Of Fiverr. And I didn’t do it but my last message is being reviewed by the “Trust and Safety” team. But why? I didn’t say anything nonsense. What will happen to my account? I am very worried about it.
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