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  1. Hello Everyone...
    Recently, I have achieved 50 Reviews On Fiverr.✌️  And I really very happy with that...

    But The ratio of the new order is really very bad... I think I have to improve my gigs in the correct way because I already update my gigs once but it's not helping me...
    So I'll be grateful for your advice... Gig link

    Razu Ahammad


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  2. Hello Jins, welcome to Fiver...
    I join fiverr 2018 and got my first order 2020... it doesn't meant that... Fiverr is so hard... but you have to keep trying... it actually depends on luck and also depend on skill... There are many sellers, who get their first order in the next day or next month... it's totally upto you...
    Just improve your skills,
    create your all gigs by doing proper research
    Send buyer request regularly...

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  3. Actually, I had a bad experience few days ago... I delivered the order and my client accept the order and give me 5 start rating with good feedback...
    And after that... When I refuse to work for free, he contact with Fiverr CS....He lied to them... And then the order was cancel by Fiverr CS... they cancel my order without proper investigation and based on client's complain...
    although I had bad experience but still I'm thinking Fiverr is good...

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  4. 6 hours ago, maezma85 said:

    I think the problem was that he asked you for a very simple modification and he told you that he needed that in 5 minutes and you answered him repeatedly if that was the last modification even though it was obvious that he needed it quickly. One thing is for someone to ask you to redesign something but if they only ask you to modify a text I do it for free even after the sale has been completed, I think it did not cost you anything to do it and if they kept asking to change the good text, there I would have told him.

    Please, Read my post again... Everything has limitation...

    When he asked me to correct the texts after completing the order, I corrected text and sent him to the inbox ... Now the same thing happened again ...
    No matter how simple it may be, if someone wants it over and over again, at least I can't
    Time is money 🙂

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