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  1. happy eid ❤️


  2. nice, thanks for making me notice this👏👏 hi5 ✋🏻 I will try and edit this one
  3. ask me anything, I would love to help ❤️

  4. Is their Places that Haven't Reported COVID-19 Cases?
  5. their customer support is the best, they always do their best to help, they are fast, they revise every small details ... so if there is wrong they would know , and follow it up and get back to you asap
  6. I wrote this one by mistake , I am trying to edit it , I meant I trust it so much
  7. thank you for pointing me ❤️
  8. 1… Before any buyer look your profile and gigs. You should showcase your profile in a such a good and professional manner. 2… Write a great description about yourself, don’t mention too much and your schooling days, write something which reflect your profession. 3… Your gig description, Gig image should be professional. Dont copy gig images from other seller i personally dont like . 4… Gig Charge should be affordable. Even i recommend charge less in the starting like $5 to $10 starting, I can understand doing lot of work and getting small amount is something which makes us feel sad but becoming visible in search results on fiverr its important to get reviews. 5… Buyer requests: keep watch in buyer request page. This is the place where you get first sale, here you have lot of chances to get first sale. Send request with good cover letter, that should be professional and easy to understand for the buyer what you are offering. 6… Never argue with any buyer. Even if he/she hurts you. 7… Share your gigs on social media in different groups related your services which you offer on fiverr. 8… If you have already done above steps and still you did not got any order. So take help from your friends, cousins, sister, brother, father, mother, uncle etc.tell them to order your gig. In this way you will get reviews on fiverr. Once you will get reviews your gig will start visible in search results and then you have lot of chances to get sales. But make sure, tell them to reach you social media, like if you have shared link on Facebook of your gig tell them click on link which is on Facebook. If they directly reach your profile and order, May be fiverr will take you are making fake orders yourself for review. So tell them to click links on social media in this way fiverr think your buyer came through social media. Fiverr is great to earn, I trust it so much…..
  9. Make sure to stay online all the time, and check buyers request every hour daily and the most important thing you have to be patient
  10. https://www.fiverr.com/yehiaossama/translate-english-to-arabic-and-egyptian here it is my best seller gig link, can you please tell me any advice to make it better?
  11. can anyone give me any advice what to do to get more orders, clients or anything that can help?
  12. can someone tell me more about promoted-gigs?
  13. i have been working here for 4 years now, i would appreciate any new advice about getting bigger and being more and more successful
  14. if you don’t want to harm your cancellation rate, and the buyer has ordered by mistake and want refund, what should you do?
  15. be patient and just wait and check the buyers request more often
  16. how can I be a top seller, I have been working here for 5 years and I have done all the needed requirements that they have asked me to do and still i am at level 2 … any advises?
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