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  1. Same happened to me 5 days ago. I was making around $3.000 per month, and then suddenly my gig disappeared
  2. Ovviamente non si può recensire senza acquistare 😅
  3. I can’t withdraw in USD, even if my bank account is in USD
  4. Fiverr fee and Paypal fee are almost the same (around 3.5%). I’m now getting paid here on Fiverr in dollars and withdraw directly in EUR through PayPal.
  5. Do you know if it’s possible to set the gig price in EUR? So I will earn the same amount not depending on the exchange fluctuations
  6. Big congratulations to you! 😄 Can I ask you how did you invest? I’m into the investing world (my service here on fiverr is also linked to investing) so I’m always curious about that 😀 Another question: do you think it can be a good choice to increase the prices once I reach level 2? I have already all the necessary to get it, I only miss the 120 days of selling but will got it right on 15th of July.
  7. Thanks for your reply! So both using Fiverr or PayPal to change from US to EUR would cost us around 3.5%? 😪 Is there something to do to pay less fees?
  8. Nobody’s here? Does anyone know what is the conversion fee if I withdraw in EUR directly from fiver to PayPal? Is it lower than 3%?
  9. Do you already have the promote function? 😅 I can’t find it anywhere
  10. It’s just because you said that you’re making 3/5x the average, and I would like to know what do you think about the average income of the sellers here. It was just curiosity 😅 I already know it’s worth my time, since I’m here only from march and I think I’m already having great results. So I just wanted to know what’s the average seller’s result Yes, also because of the possible growth sorry for the misunderstanding 🙂
  11. If you can say it’s above the average you should also say what’s the average. That’s maths
  12. How much the average seller make? :thinking:
  13. Same here , still don’t know why. They didn’t even accept the order, that has been accepted automatically after 3 days :thinking:
  14. Why should Fiverr consider this issue? They’ve no reason to spend time checking who’s clicking your ads. They’re going to make money whoever clicks on it.
  15. Hi everyone, I’m using PayPal to withdraw but there’s a big problem. I withdraw in USD but then PayPal force me to transfer the money in EURO to my bank account, applying a 3% fee on the conversion. Is there some cheaper method to withdraw in Euro zones? Thanks to all of you 😁
  16. Don’t send your work via email. If I understand well, he asked you to do some work before the order? I think it can be already considered a try of scamming 😅
  17. it will change in “6 days left” in few hours, so before the end of today. This means that on 15th of May it will be 59 days and then 60 days in the same day. Will i become level 1? Don’t know if i’ve been clear about it 😅
  18. Hi everyone! 😄 I’m a seller since 53 days and I completed all the task to get the level one, unless the 60 days as a seller yet 😅 I have a simple question: for few hours I will get level one on june? Or there’s the possibility to get it the 15th of may? Schermata 2020-05-09 alle 10.08.191362×602 41.2 KB
  19. i have returning buyers too. I didn’t mean to accuse without proof but just report it as a possibility so customer service can make its verifications don’t know if it’s possible, if not sorry about it 😅
  20. Thanks to all of you guys 😁 @n1developer I think you have to change something wrong in your gig in this case
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