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  1. I will try to add a video in my gig. But, I didn’t get any new order from last 3 months now. How can I get new orders?
  2. Hi there! Thanks for your kind words. Here is my 6 months stats. Picture 01: 6 months 011304×554 61.7 KBPicture 02: 6 months 021295×412 20.1 KB
  3. Hi dear community members, This is Tajul and I have been working here for 1 year now. I have opened a gig about Instagram marketing service in September 2020. And then after review, my gig was active. After a while, my gig rank on the first page. Then, I have started getting orders. But after January 15 I don’t know what happened. My gig is down overnight (screenshots are added here). Note: Maybe I have got 2/3 bad reviews also 5 order cancellations. Picture 01: fiverr forum 011136×319 38.2 KB Picture 02: Last 7 days results: fiverr forum 021186×355 20.1 KB Picture 03: Last one month: fiverr forum 031145×387 29 KB Picture 04: last 3 months fiverr forum 041178×377 32 KBNow, I want you guys to please let me know how can I get back to my previous position again. What should I need to do now? Very much looking forward to hearing from you. Warmest regards, Tajul
  4. You covered a lot of things that I actually want to know. Thanks a lot.
  5. You’re truly right. I believe if I able to deliver good quality works, confidently buyers will come back again.
  6. In your " I will do instagram marketing for fast organic growth and engagement" gig it’s showing 3 packages for that when I view it. Yes, Here 3 packages alive, but here I added Page/Channel EvaluationManagement DaysSchedule PostsFull-Time EngagementAction Plan,etc. (by tick marking) it is not showing in my package and that is my concern. Thanks for your reply.
  7. Yes, This is normal issue, because maybe Fiverr will review my gig first, then it will be Active. But my concern with packages issues. Thanks,
  8. Hi there, How’s everything? I hope everything is well. Hope you’re well and safe. I’ve just created a gig offering Instagram Marketing service. While I creating this gig I added 3 packages (Which is Fiverr recommend). Here I make 3 variations of my gig packages for the better experience of my prospected buyers. But unfortunately, after I completing my gig creation I found that my packages are not shown to in my gig. What’s the problem? If I did anything wrong, please let me know. Also, my gig doesn’t appear in search results that’s mean my gig isn’t activated yet. Here I attached 3 screenshots for better understanding. Very much looking forward to hearing from you. Have a nice day ahead! Warmest regards, tajulislam89! Instagig|582x500 instagig2.01366×768 40 KB instagig3800×537 27.8 KB
  9. I didn’t get this notification yet
  10. Hi, Fiverr community, I would love to know how to I write a fiverr gig description for Instagram Marketing properly. I’m very new to fiverr, If anyone helps me to grow up It will be best opportunity for me. Thanks all Fiverr Members, tajulislam89
  11. Thanks so much. I will follow your instructions.
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