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  1. it's very pathetic news for you.
  2. I have nothing to say about gig marketing. It may be fruitful or not
  3. If your services are different so there is no problem if you use 02 device but same wifi. Thanks
  4. Sure, You can share your gig in your Pinterest account with your Fiverr gigs link. I think it's no problem. Thanks
  5. Just wait......Insaallah you will get an order!
  6. Great News for us. Thanks a lot for sharing this information.
  7. Congrats! Go ahead Brother. Have a safe journey with fiverr
  8. Congratulation! If you want to more order from Fiverr, you should raise your work quality, well communication, remain online, and send regular relevant unique buyer requests. Thanks: Tamanna
  9. Hey there, It's a piece of sock news for you to fall down your ranking. I think you will recover it but it takes some time. You should remain online max time, regular unique buyer requests, well communication with buyers, and connective on the Fiverr forum and blog. I'm not a good seller but I think It will help you to rank your gig. Thanks: Tamanna
  10. Try to more attractive your gigs photo, Daily 10 offer sent and Write a Unique byre request/cover letter. Must be concern about copy paste byre request. At last try to remain online. Thanks
  11. Hey, welcome to fiverr. Sure you can create 02 or more gigs are same category. There are no restriction in fiverr about this. Thanks
  12. Hey Good People, This is Tamanna, came back after a long time to Fiverr. hope you are all doing well in the word pandemic. I got my previous level-1 but nowadays my all gig impression and order are decreases. How can I increase my gig impression? anyone suggest to me what I am doing now. I am very passionate to design but I face different problems in my daily life and the Fiverr world. I wish I were a Top-level seller in Fiverr. All you guys please keep me in your prayers. Thanks tamanna82
  13. Don’t be frustrated, be on the way. must be success come to you
  14. grate news for us! Its will be amazing for all freelancer who want to worldwide
  15. @mabedincbiu, Buy a review not a good practice. I think in future It will be affect your seller account. If you have no order a long time, you should more concern about how to improve your gig, such as description, gig title, keyword, and service, Also you should improve your works and communication quality. at last you need to in online more time, then Most of clients knock who is online. I am not a good seller but in my short memory i think its a good practice for new order from a potential buyer. Thanks
  16. Really its a wonderful article for a new seller also all of fiverr seller. Thanks sarahdesigns671
  17. Sorry to say that, your are not able to Continue two account in a same Computer its a against of fiverr rules and regulation, but you can create and continue two account in same wifi with individual Device.
  18. Yes, You can do create 02 services in the 01 accounts. No problem found here. You also can create two or more services packs in one account.
  19. You are absolutely right talking about time zone. Actually we can use mobile apps for instant reply or message on buyer.
  20. amazing article for all Fiverr sellers. Thank You so much to share your valuable thinking. I,m very pleased for you. Quality, Sincerity, Research and knowledge about own jobs are very important not only in fiverr market place but also our daily life. Thanks Tamanna
  21. Also me, I want to know how can I rank my others gig in fist page.
  22. Its really amazing for all Fiverrs family
  23. Same problem facing last few month, But now By grace of Almighty, I found only 03 GIGs out of 06. Rest of 03 GIGs out of world.
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