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  1. What I forgot to mention… also try to have fun while being on Fiverr. Sometimes I read gig offers that are so funny and creative, it brings me in a good mood! And a good mood motivates me to keep on going. Wishing you all the best! 💐
  2. Have you looked into Borderless account / Transferwise? It comes with a German (Euro), UK, USA and I believe an Australian account. I live in different countries in Europe and Asia and this is my go-to mobile bank.
  3. I’d say: offer your talents, find out how the platform works, and don’t focus on competition too much. Only if the extra stress is benefitting you and your work. HOPE FOR EVERYTHING & EXPECT NOTHING! 😉
  4. Congrats, well done! You know, even though it is a low rating, the buyer wrote only positive things about you. I always read the content of low ratings. However, I hope you can have it adjusted!
  5. Hi all, sending my admiration to all of you! To my FFF (fellow-Fiverr-friends)! 😉 Because as a newbie I experienced what it takes to actually offer a gig on this platform. Fiverr is an ART on its own, so congrats for entering the gates! To be honest with you, it took me some effort to get here. Now, my 2nd gig-proposal is through and I passed my writing test…I am good to go! I am a therapist living in Denmark & Spain and I like sunny days and nature. Easy-going, down-to-earth yet high-spirited. Sending you good vibes and success! ☀️
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