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  1. Your comments made me feel so much better! I HAVE been feeling a bit stuffy and making it harder for myself to breathe. Positive energy attracts positive everything ig? I’ll keep this in mind.
  2. You are so brave at such young age! Take love, best of luck.
  3. Mentioning revisions in the description seems a bit of a overkill, huh? I’ll edit it off then. I had another gig, but since I changed the images, the impression dropped real fast. So,I’ve sent 140 buyer request applications in total, but I found no work. Am I not writing to them correctly?
  4. Thanks a lot! I’ll work on new gigs. If you were a buyer, what services would you need from a graphic designer?
  5. I was thinking I’ll change it later if it hampers my productivity. The competition is so strong, and all the gig I saw from other users (especially the new users) had unlimited revision service. In my opinion, If your work it good, client wouldn’t ask to make to make changes, no?
  6. It’s been a while since I’m using Fiverr, Although I took my time creating this gig. The competition here is so overwhelming, I wonder if I’m doing this correctly. Would you kindly spare a few moments to help a fellow designer out? Logo design gig
  7. Is Fiverr a difficult place for new users since more and more sellers are joining every day? What do you think, for a graphic designer, determines their success on Fiverr?
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