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  1. Promote Your GIG via Social Media.be Patient
  2. “patients” is that very important…Don’t Leave
  3. Interesting… Don’t Stop Make it More Topics…All The Best…
  4. All these people also have immaculately clean homes and wake up in the morning looking like magical beauty faries visited them while sleeping to groom them. We need a more hardcore Vice-like video showing the more unpolished side of freelancing. It could start with real daily chores like smelling clothes from the laundry pile to see what is safe to wear, before slurping milk from the carton in front of an open fridge stocked full of ramen noodle leftovers. My morning is usually more like this: Naturally, when I say morning, I also mean anytime between 3pm and 11pm. 😉 that was a good vedio
  5. I’ve been to fiverr for a week now. But there’s still no progress,what should i do…
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