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  1. thank you marina thank you for your support
  2. I have a doubt that, A customer asked me a doubt in the message box. But I didn’t give any reply at that time why because of COVID situation. Now my doubt is if any problem? If I post Gig it will reach or not?
  3. thank you maria for your valuable advise
  4. thank you very much when i get my first work i will mention you ok 😍
  5. I am an employee in a private firm. But i lost my job last month. Then I started fiverr but i didn’t get any work in fiverr. Can anyone help me to grow in fiverr
  6. thank you i am doing logo designing but no work what will do
  7. thank you ritu islam thank you for your support
  8. Hai everyone, I am from India and i am new in fiverr. In recently i know about the freelancing company. In the corona quarantine every one should safe at home stay home stay safe
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