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  1. Hi folks , since the global pandemic of covis 19 is still on , i would suggest everyone to be more cautious of your settings , please follow the guidelines of your National Health Care facility . Rapid and widespread transmission of SARS-CoV-2 was demonstrated in this skilled nursing facility. More than half of residents with positive test results were asymptomatic at the time of testing and most likely contributed to transmission. So , it is a strange phinominal change that happens today . I hope with globalization , together we are strong enough against our common enemy and we could combat it by taking proper measures like good hand hygiene and wearing mask and gloves , and social distancing … be brave and be safe dear fiverr team …
  2. hello there ! here things are getting better now a days . but , it is obviously worrisome that the alarming positive cases across the universe . hope fiverr family is safe as my family . thank you
  3. Maria S. thank you maria for the great tip . i think it is better to start a process by low budget . appreciated
  4. It was a great support from fiverr during the pandemic of this deadly virus . Hope everything will be back to normal soon . Thank you again fiverr team .
  5. true and most essential piece of information . thanks for it
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