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  1. Good evening, Thank you for your timely response. I have put a lot of work and effort into building my customer base. I had a video on the proofreading gig and didn’t quite realize that it appeared blank so thank you for pointing that out. I will edit immediately. I bought a few courses that I will take to display those on my profile as well and I intend the use the promoted gig feature to see if it actually works for me. Thanks a million!
  2. Good day fiverrmates, The task to resurrect and or restore gigs after a lengthy time away from fiverr can be and actually is very challenging. This is so especially if your gigs were impacted by cancellations arising out of orders made by potential customers who failed to make contact or disregarded the instructions to communicate with sellers before placing an order. I decided to make quality and value for money overturn the negative effects those buyers actions had on my gig and I have gotten more orders, provided increased value from cultivating new skills and impacted the lives of scores of people globally. I am a talented writer and graphic designer who pays impeccable attention to detail, listens to my customers and deliver orders based on their direct specifications. Notwithstanding the orders I still haven’t been able to rank my gigs to reappear in the search results. Do you think that gig restoration is a bad idea and it would do more justice to start over? If no, enlightened me on techniques to fully restore my gigs. I invite you to have a look on my awesome gig to aid in your advice: https://www.fiverr.com/s2/e56646afed https://www.fiverr.com/s2/7427b50189
  3. Welcome to the fiverr marketplace @ragheb_elborni. You are poised to create value with you set of skills under the writing and translation. I look forward to hearing about your experience on fiverr. Alpha
  4. Welcome to the fiverr platform. Be kind and responsive to all customers and potential customers. Happy selling. Best, Alpha
  5. Hi @jodiannmontaque, How are you doing? Welcome to the fiverr platform. Happy that you decided to bring your business idea and talents online. Fiverr is like the Amazon for digital services. I am optimistic that with the right tools, tips and approaches you will do well. I will be sure to check out your to see what you have to offer. All the best! Warm regards, Alpha
  6. Greetings, Well said @imagination7413. @lipon_sarkar It is also good to be in constant communication with the buyer in an effort to update them on their order. Some buyers are very understanding and easy to work with. Once they are flexible with time they will still be satisfied as long as you deliver high quality services. All the best on your journey. Alpha
  7. I completely understand. I trust that you will overcome this illness and get well soon. Take care of yourself and keep growing your business. Kudos! Best wishes, Alpha
  8. Hi, You have the option of displaying the test result or hide it from your platform. Therefore, you can retake the test after 24 hrs to achieve a score that reflects your abilities. All the best! Regards, Alpha
  9. Hi, Welcome to the fiverr platform. I trust that you will have a wonderful experience and reap real, tangible and lasting positive results. Best, Alpha
  10. I totally understand and I want you to prioritize advertising your gig on social media everyday and people known and unknown to you will come across your services. Once you reach the right people that is when orders starts coming in. All the best on your journey and arm yourself with the information documented under fiverr’s Terms of service. Keep on impacting the lives of your customers. Best Regards, Alpha
  11. Hi, How are you? I can see that you are overly concerned about this issue but it can be fixed 💻. In fact, there are articles that have been published on this platform to explain the procedure to resolve this problem and have the team enable your account. They usually disable or suspend accounts from time to time for miriad of reasons. Please follow the guideline here and get those gigs active again 😉: https://www.fiverr.com/support/articles/360010968038-Verifying-your-identity You can also contact fiverr admin by hovering over more and select contact us for further assistance if you are still having difficulty rectifying this problem. Have a peaceful and restful night. Best, Alpha
  12. Hi, I completely sympathize with you and see that it was unfair to you. Acceptance of the delivery and a 5 star suggest that the customer was completely satisfied. Therefore, there is not basis to grant a refund after the order has been marked as complete and the passage of a week. I spoke about these types of people posing as buyers who use tactic to get cancellations that hurt sellers business but my posts were hidden. I’m sorry you had to go through this but it happens on a regular basis. Do not be daunted by this and keep up the good work. Just think of it as occupational hazard. 💪 Best, Alpha
  13. Hi, You can get insights and advice Twelve (12) Insights/Advice from a 100+ Seller
  14. I am happy to hear that @sarmad_suleman. These will undoubtedly help you to start seeing traffic to your gig and utimately converting leads into sales. I look forward to hearing about your experience completing your first delivery on fiverr. Cheers, Alpha
  15. Hi, Awesome. That means you’ll get a response within 48 hrs. Sit tight as your request makes it way through the queue. Alpha
  16. Hi, This is a very good question as it will help many people who took a long break from fiverr and trying to resurrect their old account. @mustansarshabir If your old account is in good standing and you do not have many cancelled orders due to customers placing orders while you went off the platform (considering that you forget to pause your gigs) then a new account would be best to rank and flourish. However, if you had indeed paused your gigs and inactivity or negative reviews didn’t harm your business then the old account would be a winner given the history, reviews and customer base. Best, Alpha
  17. Micafernandez, You are most welcome. I know some Spanish too and have a few Spanish speaking friends while working in America so based on your diction and location I could tell that Espanol is your native tongue. 🙂 I am actually on your gig right now and I understand that it’s late but I will be looking forward to a reply first thing in the morning. I admire your personality and your efforts to choose your battles wisely is the best policy. Have the best night ever! 💐 Alpha
  18. Hello, It is perfectly legal for a friend to acquire your services for a job they need done. When you advertise and consistently promote your gig across many social media platforms you’ll find that people known and unknown to you will be lured to your website via the gig link. Therefore, if it is something that they need and wish to purchase then there is nothing wrong with that at all. All the best! Regards, Alpha
  19. Hi, Welcome to the fiverr platform. We are happy to have you as a member of our community. One plausible reason for this is that the buyers account may have been disabled. This happens for different reasons. You might also have been blocked by the buyer or his or her account was flagged as spam or they may have violated one of fiverr’s terms of service directly or indirectly. In which case they will have to make contact with fiverr support to rectify the issue. Don’t be daunted. Keep promoting your gig and business will come. All the best on this interesting journey. Best, Alpha
  20. Hi, Fiverr customer support through their dispute resolution center are the best people to handle a case like this to spare you the headache of cancellations ruining your gig. I am speaking from experience and hear me when I say this, “A growing number of cancellation will kill your business.” One cancelled order is one too many so I implore you to ensure that you avoid it at all cost. In this case it is unavoidable so explain to fiverr customer support to ensure that it doesn’t affect your gig status. Best, Alpha
  21. Good night, I have also made edits and still encountering this problem today. The thing about it is that the algorithms that are used to rank the gigs seems to change constantly. However, I have learnt that there are many factors that affects the gigs been ranked such as tags, gig title, description, gig impressions, clicks, number of deliveries, positive reviews etc. Therefore, whenever you make edits it appears that you have to launch an advertising and promotions campaign to boost the gig and work assiduously to maintain the gig rankings on the platform. It’s a work in progress. Keep those tips in mind whenever you embark on editing the gigs. Best, Alpha
  22. Micafernandez, Good night. I can sympathize with you and your story is heart wrenching. I have experienced several customers like the one you described above. That customer wanted a free delivery, they never intended to pay and are very dishonest. It is an uncommon way people posing as customers set out to cheat others of their hard earned income and in the case of the customer is always right – they get away with it. A few customers have used that tactic on me several times and even when I took a break from fiverr they ordered my gig and cancelled then left negative reviews to tear down my business so I feel your pain. What I will do for you as a fellow seller is check out your gigs and placed an order because we are all in this pandemic together. I also communicate with my clients prior to them placing an order and once I suspect that stunt or of the view that they will use that tactic I respectfully decline to offer my services. I don’t see how on earth it helps them to tear down others who are trying. Your story hit me to my core as I can identify with your experience. You’ll be hearing from me. No matter what happens never give up! Warmest regards Alpha
  23. Great! I am elated to hear that your gigs are on the front pages. Many sellers including me are working very hard to see our gigs in the top 10/20 search result options for a variety of different services. All you need to do is continue to grow your business through more positive reviews, increased number of deliveries, advertising and promoting your gigs daily on social media. Digital marketing is the new normal in this pandemic. I wish you all the successes on your journey. Best, Alpha
  24. Mahfuj, How are you doing? You have absolutely nothing to worry about because fiverr is compatibile with many networks across the globe. Accessing your account will not be an issue. You also have a team of highly trained professionals in customer support who would be more than willing to assist with account access issues among other concerns. Cheers, Alpha
  25. Good night, Welcome to the fiverr platform. You will meet, interact with, learn from and work with people with a wide range of skill set. Have you been marketing your gig via a link and message across all your social media platforms? I can assure you that during your first order and delivery you’ll be filled with excitement but it takes a little work to attract clients and build a customer base. You don’t have to be great to start but the fact that you start you’ve taken the first step towards greatness. Don’t forget to share your gigs with all your contacts and globally. Your first customer is just a click away. All the best! Regards, Alpha
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