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  1. That’s a bug. Don’t worry . It won’t affect you
  2. Good luck girl. Confidence is the first step towards success
  3. Stay online, only apply for the requests you have expertise in, work hard. That’s it Good luck
  4. Report your problem to customer service. They will tell you what actually happened to your order. Fiverr takes around 7 to 10 days to reply you back but Don’t worry. Order cancellation is better then a bad review.
  5. Not only just 2 but more then 5 can order on same time. And the time can vary. Bcz the timer for every request is different. You can see the deadline in your timer.
  6. I’m having the same problem. My gig is paused too. How long is it going to take to be fixed…🥺
  7. Contact CS. No one is allowed to threaten anyone. Send all her messages to CS.
  8. Hey, Welcome to the forum. Don’t worry you’ll get orders soon. Keep applying and stay active.
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