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  1. I’m very new to Fiverr, and someone messaged me this morning asking to work together. I was really excited, but he then told me to email him if I wanted to move forward. I told him I wouldn’t because it was against the ToS. Did I do the right thing? I’d be bummed out if I missed out on an opportunity 😦
  2. Hi and welcome! it looks like most people get off to a slow start, but if you’re patient and professional, you’ll be making some good money in no time (:
  3. congrats on ur first order!!! good luck moving forward (:
  4. Make your gig stand out! I’m new here too and I’ve been scouring the forum for advice, and the #1 piece of advice was to make your gig unique. You’re not gonna have much luck if you jump into a very densely populated category, but if you have a niche, it’ll be a lot easier to attract people.
  5. haha I’m just like you! I love all these pics but I’m comfy in my own bed
  6. Welcome! good luck with your business (:
  7. Thank you for the warning! I meant that I would write assignments for teachers from scratch, not do them for students. I will keep your warning in mind though, I didn’t know that!
  8. Hi everyone! Just created my account and my first gig, just wanted to say hi. Hope you’re all doing okay during the pandemic (:
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