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  1. How do you know Fiverr is showing you offline? If you are going by the dot by your profile picture not being green that is not a good indicator. The sure way to tell is when you go to your profile page and see the icon that says in green Online. Yeah, I agree with this. Also, you can try making your account go offline in the settings and get it back online. It had worked for me.
  2. Thank you everyone for your feedback. I am somewhat new to Fiverr and thought that the buyers feedbacks were mistaken. Thank you again for your advices.
  3. Hi Fiverr, Can anyone tell me that do we need to have all stats in 100% other than completing the other requirements? I have completed the requirements for level 1. But my stats are not 100%. My ratings go on 4.9 & completion rate is 96%. Do these two need to be 5 stars and 100% to achieve Level 1? Thank you.
  4. You cannot edit your account or gigs through the mobile app. Its all for quick refernces and instant replies for messages when you are away from your PC. You can add a thumbnail by editing your gig through a PC. Just find your gig on the gig page and select edit from the dropdown list on the right side of the relevent gig.
  5. I received a message from a buyer inquiring about my services. I provided the information and was waiting for his reply. But now this message is displayed in the inbox. connot contact754×203 8.56 KBWhat is the reason for this? Is the buyer account disabled?
  6. This can be worked around by adding extra margin to your image. Thank you very much for your support
  7. But they say its the minimum size. I have tried images with scaled up the size maintaining the same ratios, but it doesnt fit the thumbnail. Thumbnail only shows the middle parts, top and bottom are a little cropped out
  8. Hi everyone, I have been on Fiverr for about 8 months now. When designing gig images for my gig, I can’t find the exact dimensions for the image anywhere on Fiverr or elsewhere. Please help me with the correct dimensions and resolution for the perfect gig image. Thank you.
  9. All we see here are problems and issues. Its fun to see someone initiating something like this. Thank you @ilovessasa :love_you_gesture:
  10. Yeah, I am experiencing the same. My impressions are suddenly zero from about 600 a day. All clicks and views are constantly zero since 29th this month. But I received an order yesterday. Also the buyers are complaining that the requirements they give are shown as not given after they place the order. I think there are some issues with the system. It will be nice if some Fiverr staff or a regular forum user can answer this.
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