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  1. Thanks for sharing such a useful and valuable information.
  2. Thank-you so much this is very beneficial for all of us
  3. please make attractive gigs so its help you to get clicks because buyer clicks your gig that is attractive according to needs of buyer or fulfill buyer needs. Thanks
  4. Hi, whenever I share my gig on Facebook and group people click on my gig but that clicks are not counted whenever I open my gig statistics page so what is the reason behind this?
  5. ** 1 – Greetings (Hello, Respected, Dear) 2- Restating employer project (In your own words, re-state the project) 3- Introducing yourself (Your brief intro, industries you have worked with, years of experience (if you have otherwise do not talk about it), Your brand name.) 4- What can you do for the problem stated in the project (talk about your skillset, the software you will use and how will you do the task). Also, try to answer these three questions in your proposal even though, your client may not have asked for it. 4a- Can you complete my project 4b- Are you an easy person to work with 4c- Do you care about helping me make this project successful 5 – Portfolio (If you are a fresh freelancer and do not have a portfolio, offer your service ‘ Free ‘ to 5 different people from 5 different walks of life. This is an investment towards a goal and the goal is to create a portfolio to show the client in your bid. Trust me, it does wonders in the long run) 6 – Magic trick up your sleeves (As a freelancer, I do not see the harm in providing free samples/mockups to your client. Also, try asking a question in your proposal that may prompt the client to open PMB give an answer to your question. For example, do you have hosting and domain name acquired?.) 7 – Closing of your pitch (use words like looking forward to your positive response, thank you**
  6. Patience is the key to success, now you are new seller so when your proposal are attractive to buyers they will contact you…
  7. yes,you are right but there are some buyers also wo can trust only on those sellers who have level up
  8. yes you are right because Buyers request are 95% those that are not according to my expertise and not matching what i provide
  9. Hi Everyone, Is there an advantage of level 1 seller to get more sales because I am Level 1 seller but get no sales so what i can do improve my sales and get more orders??
  10. Hi please give some suggestion about my gig it would be very helpful to generate sales as other sellers made your suggestions are highly appreciated. Thanks Gig Link https://www.fiverr.com/share/5rwzyv
  11. Hi, we are in our homes to stay safe our self and also others from corona virus.
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