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  1. okay mate thankyou very much for your nice response.
  2. No we both are programmers but i am providing web and desktop app and he wants to provide scripting and automation.
  3. yeah he wants to sell something else. i am web and desktop expert already selling it. he is expert of scripting and automation.
  4. because i think its against fiverr tos. i am not sure 2 brother with their own laptop can make their own account. I am here to confirm this. thanks
  5. he wants to but i am afraid it may effect my account. Is it against fiverr tos? can you tell me
  6. Hello there, everyone! actually the problem is that my brother also want to start selling in fiverr. although he has his laptop machine but i am not clear is it allowed on fiverr. i am telling him this will lead my account to be blocked. but he said his friend and brother are selling from their own accounts from their own laptop. kindly guide me. Thank you
  7. thanks for your response. I just wanna know he is just offline or close this project? what actually away status tells
  8. Hello there, everyone! I have a bit of a silly question, i had quite long discussion with one of my client and we were agreed on the details like requirement and budget etc. he is supposed to finalize the deal now but his status is away now. Is he gone or just not online right now. i am asking this question if he’s gonna i have another buyer request. Thank you in advance.
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