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  1. Thanks for suggestion But i am not doing anyyy sort of academic stuff for anyone. I am writing essays, there are like 100 of other gigs on essays too
  2. I am level 1 seller and I am unable to get any new buyer requests, I have been online all day today and refreshed by buyer request page every 1 minute but its showing old buyer requests of 17th july, i only received 2 buyer requests today of 18th july. What is wrong today ?
  3. Thanks, really motivating words, and i do highly appreciate your reply, thanks again
  4. Yes, but they probably never got any new messages or orders. You should have activated out of office if you were not going to take new orders. maybe, well thanks for your sympathy. i should have consulted here before leaving my account all like that. btw still a lot of thanks
  5. Your last delivery was 24 days ago. i said i was unable to be available, i did delivery of my previous orders, but didnt took any new
  6. i have seen many sellers who had their last delivery years ago but they still having the badge of their level, i thought i’ll not loose mine too, thats why i was relaxed but now im so sad
  7. Capture1366×768 87.6 KB here is the screen shot , btw i was unable to visit my profile for last 2 months and now i had messages from 32 customers when i logged in
  8. My seller level is gone, i am back to no level seller again, and everything ( order rate, response rate, rating) was 5/5 before but now my order completion rate is very low
  9. I was unable to be available at fiverr for some time, like a month and half, i had level 1 badge before that period and now when i came back its all gone,
  10. I was unable to find my gigs in Search field and was worried that they are even active or not, I Contacted Fiverr CS and had great experience with them, I received an autoreply after sometime and today they checked my profile for me and pointed out the gigs which needed modifications, It was really helpful ! IF you are having some issue then let me know I can check your profile for you and can advice. Thanks
  11. Hy Ashu776, dont worry, have you read This Article ? If yes then you must have your answer with in yourself. Thanks
  12. First of Creatorazure, welcome to fiverr form community ! And in response to your situation, i would like to say that dont panic, ask CS for help, if you have not asked buyer for positive feed back then they can defiantly help you, and next time if you are having an unpleasant argument then open a dispute on the spot, this is the legal way of including Fiverr team to your dealing.
  13. Try opening this Link on laptop or a computer, you can also try via phone chrome browser.
  14. Hello ncarpen, Wellcome to fiverr forms community and in response to your question i would like to inform you that usually a single email response is given by the Fiverr team, if you are receiving the same email for more then once then defiantly it is because of a bug, There is nothing to be worried about in this case, but if you are receiving different emails then let me know, we will have to read those email and then i can guide you further, Hope fully my answer will help you, and if it is not then try redefining your aim, or wait for other experienced user to reply. Thanks for posting.
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