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  1. Sometimes i also thought to give them my honest review but this exact thing always get into my mind.
  2. 500 words of project details worth 200-500$ and there the budget 5$, i don’t know if it’s funny to anyone else,
  3. Have you ever seen any buyer reacted on a bad review on there profile.given by you?
  4. As @lloydsolutions says it’s a don’t, but think about it from a buyer’s perspective. If you saw a seller had used the same video on multiple gigs, would you not think of it as lazy? If a seller thinks of you as lazy the chances of getting hired just got flushed down the bog. Understanding buyer psychology really does help make sales, shortcuts are never the answer, unless you’re looking to fail. Got it, Actually i wanted to spit test with color variation kind of things like paid ads. So its same with some minor changes.
  5. You are not allowed to do this. Check this out: https://www.fiverr.com/support/articles/360016244757-Gig-Images-Dos-and-Donts But it doesn’t said it will affect in ranking of any kind, in that scene i can use if i am creating same service gig? or is it also not allowed to not create same service gig?
  6. Can i use same video/image on multiple gig? Will it affect with anything related ranking?
  7. Exactly. You need to do basic research of your own.
  8. Send a ticket to fiverr support immediately, with all prove of chat, order conversation etc.
  9. Another thing sometimes work, delete and recreate new gig.
  10. Edit and make more accurate, stuff related keywords. Promote your gig.
  11. Try to send buyer request atleast. and also if you did everything right with your gig then yes.
  12. its taking around 10 days to get reply. get connected.
  13. may be you didn’t taget the right keywords. check with all related keywords also find in all the pages.
  14. Its should be 14 days. you should contact support if its really 21 days.
  15. Isn’t it 14 days? where did you find 21 days?
  16. when you try to create another one now, thay will not allow you to do so.
  17. Fiverr introduced one system to check overall status , Is your gig available in market it will show you ACTIVE or if there is something wrong then it show PENDING ,This is good step by fiverr as we do not need to wait for CS to reply. Here is link https://www.fiverr.com/support_tickets/new/gig After clicking fellow these Steps Step 1: What can we help you with? Ans : Choose Gig Step 2: What is the issue with your gig? Ans: Choose My Gig doesn’t appear in Search
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