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  1. This is how Fiverr works - people come here, order things and expect to get them. I know many sellers here put all over their profiles to contact them first, but, buyers are NOT held to that. You cannot make someone message you first. This part makes no sense in English anyways. What do you mean you are trying to “identify this buyer’s name?” We do not have access to someone’s account or real name here, and for good reason. There are a lot of nutty sellers who would go find someone on social media and harass them or worse. YES! I have seen it done over the years! Why would you deliver work now after they asked you to cancel the order. You even stated: which to me seems as though what they wanted you to do, cannot be done by you in whatever time frame the buyer expects. YES, if you deliver something just to deliver, the buyer can give any sort of rating they like. If they want to give a 1* they can, you have no control over ratings that buyers give. I am not sure why you think this is a fake buyer just because they just signed up in May of 2021. I have quite a few new to the site buyers who turn out to be great. Everyone is new at some point. Maybe I just don’t get the gist of your story here. GG Great answer! I love this.
  2. Welcome Dulan Dasintha! Our New Family Member.
  3. Hello I was very surprised to read your writings. Received 15 orders, but received no reviews. I am sharing some opinions with you- When taking work, try to understand the work properly from the buyer.Do not attach any subject other than the subject on which the work is based.Be sure to understand beforehand what the buyer will focus on, or you will need to revise it again and again.Present his work to the buyer in an interesting way.At the end of the work, try to get feedback on the error in the request posture.Smartly expect a good feedback by submitting the latest work.
  4. English is not my mother tongue but English seems to me to be the best language. Because even though not everyone has the same feeling in their mother tongue through English, it is very easy to provide the feeling. I think it can be mastered very easily if you want.
  5. I hope something better answer from an expert!
  6. Hi! I am Imran Hossain. New member of the world’s famous community form on Fiverr. Love you all.
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