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  1. Welcome! Once you’re sure that your gigs are good enough, don’t miss any buyer’s request that is relevant to your gigs and you’re sure that you can do the perfectly. Remember one thing while sending offer to buyer’s request that you have 10 opportunities to connect with potential buyers daily. Don’t only look for the orders. Try to get connected with buyers by writing an engaging and attractive proposal. Happy buyers will surely repeat orders and can give you a good start. In short, a buyer’s request is an opportunity to win a client that can give you orders regularly. I hope this suggestion will help you. 🙂
  2. Yes, It will be marked as completed automatically after 3 days of the delivery submitted if the buyer is not there to respond on it.
  3. Hi @rehmaniakbar, you don’t need to deliver it again. Once you declined the mutual cancelation request of the buyer, the existing delivery will be considered as final. Seniors may correct me if I am found wrong in it. Thanks
  4. @ruhul_tusar In my opinion and to the best of my knowledge, even 700 clicks are not enough to expect any message or order if you’re not using attractive and unique gig images. Gig images and videos play a key role to persuade buyers to visit your gigs that must have a well-written optimized title, description, and pricing. Expecting orders or messages with these poor elements is not a good approach. I hope this will help you. 🙂
  5. @genuineguidance would you please like to share your knowledge on this? Thanks in advance! @ahosania, I am sure now you will have a solid answer from her.
  6. @ahosania, For sharing portfolio, you can use some link that are recommended by the fiverr. Please go through the following link. I hope this will help. Thanks 🙂
  7. Yeah, you’re absolutely right. Pleased to meet you. Good job. 🙂
  8. This response has nothing to do with their query and is “filler”. I am not sure if you are under the impression that “being on the forum” and leaving a response, any response to posts will help your Gig rank, get impressions, clicks or sales, but, this is not how it works here. If anything, a post like this makes you look silly. Only respond to posts when you have something of value to add. GG @genuineguidance thanks for your feedback. I was about to guide him but I noticed that before I do, you have already shared what I am going to say. I am not looking for the impressions, clicks, or sales there as the forum is basically for participating in the discussion. However, as you’re a senior to me on this forum, I’ll thank you for guiding me.
  9. @jmolloy732 You’re most welcome! Nice to meet you there! 🙂
  10. @jmolloy732, First of all, I think you should have attractive images for the gig. A short video of up to 75 seconds and less than 50MB size will help you get some clicks and then turn into orders if your gig has a well-written description and pricing as well. I hope this will. Any questions? Feel free to ask, this a superb platform to discuss and all the members of this forum are very cooperative. Seniors can correct my suggestions. 🙂 Best of luck!
  11. Hi @jmolloy732, Welcome to the community! I visited your gig. It needs a lot of things to improve in it. The gig images play a key role to get enough clicks.
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