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  1. UPDATE After I sent the customer support ticket three days ago…nothing has happened yet. The original email said their response time at the time was 12-18 hours, but I’m not sure if that was up to date. Either way, I sent an additional message yesterday explaining that I couldn’t complete the order since the necessary pieces for me to work weren’t delivered, but it hasn’t got a reply yet. Thankfully, the timer had 17 days, so I can afford to be patient, but it’s still worrying.
  2. There seems to be a text below it that’s basically this size that guides you to an actual customer support ticket. It; s almost like they’re hiding it. Hm. I will have to try that. Edit since this didn’t send: I sent a ticket to support. I’m happy to wait a while since there’s a 17-day timer, and I think (hope) everything will be resolved by then.
  3. I don’t know how bad a mutual cancelation would hurt in your case, but given that you’re experiencing a slump in sales, it would be better to ask CS to cancel the order for you. If you can afford to wait for their reply, that is. The only time I needed to contact them to do that for me, it worked great. I asked if they could cancel the order without hurting my stats, and although the CS agent said they couldn’t guarantee anything, my stats didn’t take the hit. I was thinking of that as well, since I’ve had CS cancel an order for me before so there wouldn’t be repercussions for me, and they were super helpful. The ticket system right now is telling me to just deal with it the resolution center, though. image1107×630 45.6 KB
  4. If not, then I think that there is an option to edit the delivery time. I am not sure but I think that it has to be done from the side of the buyer. Though I could be wrong I wish that would work, and that was the buyer’s initial idea too, but the delivery time would have to be extended by a full month and then some. Orders on Fiverr max out at 30 days, sadly.
  5. I don’t think there should be any problems here because I think the sooner you get the job done with your client satisfied, the better. Is that job a very lengthy one that your buyer wanted it done in over a month’s time? This particular gig is for reading and critiquing manuscripts, and the manuscript in question will not actually be ready until mid-October.
  6. Hello there. I hope you’re having a good day. Today, I was messaged by a buyer who requested a custom order. I made it for them, and they accepted, creating the order and filling in the requirements. However, it then turned out that they needed the work done in over a month’s time (they did state this in their original message, but I accidentally missed this), and we’ll need to cancel the order to return their money and ensure no late/nonexistent delivery on my side. However, I’ve heard horror stories about cancellations. I reached level one a few months back, and I’m terrified to lose it. On top of that, my gigs seem to be really struggling, having gone almost invisible a while back, meaning I’ve barely had any orders the past month. I’m afraid that if I cancel it, the algorithm will punish me and I will lose my rank and what little traffic I have. All in all… How bad of an idea is it to cancel in this situation?
  7. Thank you! That’s very thoughtful of you ☺️ The thing is that no one really knows, right? It’s all just a mixture of theories, sellers’ stories, and things we can see happening on the platform. And then there’s the fact that what some experience, others don’t experience in the same way… You could try it. As long as it’s different enough, I don’t see why not. I’ve seen sellers doing it, and I even have a couple of translation gigs that aim at different things (book translation, legal translation; things I’m proficient at and are more niched than my general translation gig). Does it work? Well, the way I see it, it just gives you more chances to be found in the search engine. If a buyer uses a filter to look for a specific service, there’s you. If they don’t, there’s also the probability that your gig will show up in the category it’s under (so it basically just gives a little bit more exposure, that’s all IMO). Because simplicity is out of the question… I will get to that, then. I want to be a book editor anyways (as a lover of fiction and a writer of fiction myself), and since that category has recently been added, I might as well hop in. Thank you for the advice!
  8. To be honest with you and after reading the forum for quite some time (plus being there myself), I’m not sure that what you’re experiencing was indeed cause by using the order limit function. To me, it sounds like it’s ‘just’ the gig rotation Fiverr does from time to time combined with the influx of new sellers and gigs. I mean, I too had a peak in sales during April and May, which made me work my a** off during my birthday (I was not happy about that, btw), but then it suddenly stopped for no apparent reason. Apart from 1 gig that I had to increase my delivery time and tweak a few things, I didn’t do anything else that could cause the order flow to stop. So I’m guessing it was the gig rotation that caused it. And after reading your post, I think you’re one of the people that had the luck to actually have the limit order function work out for you as it was supposed to - for many others, it didn’t do much since people could keep ordering their gigs if they had a direct link to it, had saved it, and things like that… :woman_shrugging:t2: I can’t even imagine being in their shoes, I’d probably go insane if that had happened to me. Very late happy birthday. I’m sorry that happened to you on a special day. I’ve heard of this rumoured gig rotation, but I thought it was something that lasted a few days up to a few weeks, not months. Did I think wrong? And is there any way around it (eg. create a new gig with a similar service but different enough to be allowed)?
  9. I am aware, which is why I added this: The Fiverr system is strange, and almost no one understands it. Yet I can’t help but feel ‘punished’ for doing something the site ‘doesn’t like’. It’s probably just my human mind trying to attach emotion/reason for something that has no emotion and might not have a reason that I understand.
  10. On other platforms, being active on the forums will actually help you, such as being active on a writing forum if you have books online somewhere. But the Fiverr forums? Genuinely, only sellers are here. You won’t find any buyers. On top of that, most people come and go here pretty quickly, from what I have seen.
  11. When you go to your gigs, and you select one, you will see that Fiverr gives you the option to limit the orders in your queue. If you hit that limit, your gig will temporarily become ‘hidden’ so that you won’t get any more new orders while you work on completing the rest in your queue. It sounds great, doesn’t it? I thought the same. Until I used it. I joined Fiverr in January and did the stupid thing of waiting for orders to come to me. While I did half-heartedly advertise on Twitter here and there, things didn’t get going until after my first two orders, both of which I personally brought to this site. It was by the end of March/the beginning of April that I started getting my first ‘organic’ orders, and things picked up from there. From one order a month, to one every two weeks, to one every week, until, in the last week of April and the first week of May, I started getting orders every single day, or even multiple a day. One of such days, I got 3 orders, two of which were 24-hour ones and one of which a longer-term one. I freaked out a little - although it was a happy freak-out - and put the order limit on 3. My gig went hidden, but it wouldn’t be that bad, because it would only be for a few hours… right? And that’s where it went wrong. From that day forward, I didn’t receive any more messages in my inbox, whereas I’d previously had inquiries on a daily basis. All my orders came from my regulars, until those, in time, left too. My gig completely dropped off the radar. I tried contacting support, but it was during the time that the analytics were gone, so I got a standard “the analytics may be broken visually, but they’re working, and we’re working on fixing it, etc. etc.” All sales I received came from the buyer requests, which I’d just unlocked after reaching level 1. Now, with the analytics returned and with me still sending buyer request offers every single day, I have had one order in six weeks and have seen my gig impressions bob between 5 and 15 in 30 days. I have since created a new gig for a different service (a service I like a lot less but will provide if I have to) and received several reviews and orders there, but it doesn’t seem to have helped my other gig much. Has anyone else experienced this? Or did I run into some kind of fluke? Should I create a new gig in a new category that has since popped up, even though I then won’t have the 10+ reviews I’ll have on my old(er) gig (which I would keep up at the same time)? TLDR: I was becoming a little too successful. I pressed the order limit button. My account has suddenly dropped into the abyss and hasn’t come out yet despite several months passing. Small note: I do proofreading/editing, a manual job that takes a lot of time. The secondary service I now offer is manuscript critiques. Maybe that explains some things or why I did what I did.
  12. I’m more fond of his smaller pieces. Something about such intricate detail, small enough to pick up, is true beauty to me.
  13. I’m looking at the Rotolo page now because those spoke to me most. Several pictures and videos are attached to the page to show the making process. Is he the guy with the eyepatch?
  14. I’m browsing through the “Explore works” page. All of this is glass? Woah.
  15. Out of curiosity, what draws you to glass? Everyone is drawn to something for a reason.
  16. My grandfather was a rockhound. He would find Montana agates and cut and polish them up. Then he would put them in jewelry for his 13 children their spouses and his over 50 grandkids. I have various necklaces and key chains he made. Okay, toodles, I have a cookbook to proof and it will not do itself. 🙂 Darn, that sounds amazing. I wish I lived in the US too, if only for the gems available there. I live in what used to be sea, so aside from a few ancient fossils and heaps of clay, there’s not much to see here. I’d love to see pictures of that. Good luck!
  17. It’s as valuable as you make it, right? All that matters is if it’s valuable to you. Honestly, it’d be much easier to collect gemstones if they weren’t so expensive. Getting my hands on a few good pieces of emerald, sapphire, and other gemstones similar to those will take quite a bit of saving up.
  18. Yes, especilly when you have a connection. I collect depression glass. I have sets from each decade from the 20s clear on up to the 60’s. 20’s ⬇️ 30’s 40’s 50’s 60’s Of course, there is some overlapping of the decades. How did you start collecting it?
  19. That has been true for my two of my gigs too. It started this past weekend. ☺️ I used to have a regular customer who had me proofread her computer game dialogue, but she disappeared over a year ago even though she had credit with me. :thinking: She was a lovely person. I miss her. Welcome! I thought I saw you pop up in my likes here and there. Do you often read back whole threads? The shadowban started or that it’s gone? If it’s the latter, 🎉 You have to wonder where they go, right? Just occasionally, in passing, “Where’d that one person go? Are they okay?” And then you forget again for a few months or even years.
  20. I have filled a whole display case already. I’ll need to expand my storage / show-off space soon. That sounds good! It’s always great to have returning customers. The fear of bad reviews is far less with them. It’s even better if you enjoy the work they give you. And yeah, me too. I’ll be very careful with the order limit button this time…
  21. It looks like Fiverr’s shadowban on me has been lifted! 🎉 I got messages from new buyers I didn’t approach myself first. Things are looking up again. Anyone else had something good happen recently?
  22. Mm, I think I understand what you mean. This sounds beautiful, honestly. Is this what you enjoy about it most? Sounds like an SF/F book, or else you wouldn’t be doing worldbuilding. What subgenre? What’s it about? And the inner critic and editing while you write can indeed be real killers. (If you don’t want to say, it’s fine, but I’ll take any chance I can get to geek out with other SF/F writers) That’s a shame. Hopefully you can get back to it soon. It sounds like a genuinely interesting blog. I’ve considered doing a blog, but then I think, “What would I actually put in it? Things about cats?” How would you collect virtual gems? Pictures/drawings of them? And yeah, one SD card should last you years if all you have is pictures and words. Much easier to store than paintings or dolls or something. Gemstones, actually! There’s something truly beautiful about how they’re all unique yet all beautiful. Some stones like tiger’s eye and labradorite have this inner fire, this inner flame, that just draws me in. They are beautiful on the outside, yes, but once you move them, once you truly pay attention and just look… That’s when the magic happens.
  23. I think it’s something you can only do in your mind really. Any physical haven you create, can be destroyed very quickly and without notice. But of course we can still try and get as close as we may. I don’t really get “unnecessary” people in either, I’d already be glad if the necessary ones would show up, such as the roofer before the next torrential rain 😅 You’re a writer, aren’t you? I’m a writer too, but that’s just a hobby, and all I create is fiction. And obsolete words must be far less shiny to collect than gemstones. How do you keep them? In a notebook, or somewhere else?
  24. In Dutch, my native language, it’s “haven” as well. I’m not really sure how I feel about it, or what ‘feel’ the word has. I suppose I never really thought about it. Do you think about the emotions words have often?
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