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  1. First of all, I want to thank you for your feedback, So, basically, you want to say, you must not be given any suggestion because you are just a month old seller with just a review. No matter what you have learn here. I think It would be fine if any higher level seller suggest the the same thing. It’s solely up to the designer, nobody forcing anyone, there are people who are making money on the same category, I can’t underestimate them, it’s not like if anybody focusing on particular things are scamming, Further, I am new on Fiverr, but I am working in the graphic designing field from the past many years, there are many people I know personally, who are expert on a particular category of designing. It’s not a bad thing or scam if you choose anything specifically. I am not saying anything like this, on very first I said after that I suggest my opinion, Basically I am not saying, what you are understanding, I am saying, find less competition keyword & work on that. Believe me sometimes it look easy to create a logo but we can’t imagine the hard work of the designer. sometimes Simplicity wins the price. as far as skill concern, I believe nobody cant survive for a long time without skill. Absolutely correct “A logo is a logo” But if you have work on a particular niche for a long time, you will be more creative & confident about the same & maybe your work looks more attractive than others. Its not like “if I have learn driving” I can drive anything Car, Bus or Truck anything, most of the time experience car driver can not drive the Bus or Truck. Eventually, thanks again for your feedback.
  2. As @english_voice & @marinapomorac said its true, it is oversaturated category, but if you are really creative & want to pursue on the same category, you have left only one option that is KEYWORD RESEARCH for example “Real State Logo” result 9413 sellers, So, do some keyword research on a particular niche & find some low competition keyword, , optimized your gig & sure you will get some order. real estate1920×1080 858 KB
  3. Did you recently get demoted from Level 1 to no-level seller? If so, then you would have lost your access to see all those buyer request, because you are no longer a Level 1 seller. No, I am a new seller,
  4. @english_voice Thanks you for your suggestion.
  5. I don’t follow everyone advice unless I can see adviser have achieved something. which I can see by the level of your work. Thank You
  6. @visualstudios after your reply, I have checked 20 profile related to my gig. 11/20 are offering Unlimited Revision. But your suggestion really make sense. I will update my gig. if there is anything else, please let me know the same. Thank you for your suggestions.
  7. Hi Guys, what is your experience? is it like as a new seller you have to work hard to get some order but after achieving level-1 or 2 you don’t need to struggle badly, the order will come to your way by your gig ranking? further please provide your suggestions on my gig, is it looking impressive? your feedback will really help me to grow on Fiverr. Thanks in advance.
  8. Check this out: Buyer Requests - Leadership Suggestions on Buyer Request Complaints (Few Requests, BR FAQ’s, Times, Issues Etc.) Thanks for sharing the article.
  9. I earn plenty of orders from the Buyer Request section. No one can tell you this, because we do not have the kind of information necessary to compute this average. In addition, this is not something you need to know, nor something that would be of any benefit to you. You are a no-level seller. You aren’t going to see many buyer requests until you are promoted to a Level 1 seller. This is intentional, and how Fiverr has chosen to code the levels. Thanks for sharing your experience. I know I have no-level. but I was getting plenty of request, last 24 hr. I am not receiving the any buyer request.
  10. Hey Guys, I would like to know, how many of you get an order from buyer request & what is the average conversation rate of buyer request. sometimes I have to wait for many hours for a single request. one more thing I am not getting any buyer request from last 24 yours. Thanks in Advance.
  11. I appreciate your passion. Don’t give up. there are many new sellers wondering why they have not received any order since it has been a week to join the Fiverr. 😀
  12. There is no specific time frame after that you will get an order… Do some research, Optimized you Gig. Show some attractive sample on your main gig image. That’s All, now you will get some order soon…
  13. Its sound really genuine advice. Thank you so much for sharing your valuable experience.
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