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  1. recent update. don’t know what to say… Снимок экрана 2021-03-01 в 14.41.061076×622 60.4 KB
  2. thanks a lot for your help, what do you think, is all the info in the first message of this topic enough to file the complaint or I need even more evidence and proof of my proper work?
  3. thanks for your message! can you please tell me where to open a ticket exactly on BBB? how is the process going? what should I do: “file a complaint” or “report a scam” or “write a review” ?
  4. update: still no answer from tech support, but they keep marking my request as “solved” and I open it again by sending message asking the status. Ridiculous! I’ve been contacted by few people who shared similar stories but with a positive outcome. One seller got a refund after 2 months of waiting and very rare communication from CS. They answered him almost once a month… so there is hope. don’t plan to give up And I thank all of you for your contribution, kind words and honest opinions! wish all of you prosperity and health!
  5. have you made the second account or just negotiated with CS to bring it back to life? there is one thing that made me raise my prices 2-3 times and feel psychologically comfortable to accept big orders. Fiverr is a public company, so they share their results every Quarter, they say that average spend per buyer is 193$ (Fiverr - Fiverr Announces Third Quarter 2020 Results), and that made me think that thousands of thousands of 5$ orders need to be balanced out with much more bigger orders to get this 193$ average. Of course is my logic is correct… Also personally I don’t like this approach “stay low key, do not ask for more and you’ll be safe”. I’m russian and we have an ancient proverb: “don’t go the forest if you afraid of the wolves” or “nothing ventured, nothing gained”. at least she’ll be aware of the problem. Once my gig have been deleted absolutely unfairly, CS only made things worse, sending standard answers that restoring gigs back is an impossible action, so I got desperate and bought premium on linkedIn that allows to send messages in DM to those people who are not your “friends”. And this message has a 100% guarantee of being read. I’ve found Hila Klein (Fiverr COO), sent her the message and my gig has been restored in 1 day. I’ve never got a reply from Hila but thats fine by me unless my gig is active. will see…
  6. They have a fraud team, that’s the team that decided the order was fraudulent or something was wrong. I was also banned by mistake once, and the necesary team saw my case and took action, I never had to do anything. So Fiverr does take care of sellers. Maybe they found something was not ok with the order from your side, and that’s why the protection system didn’t apply to you. They are making the rules, it’s their platforms, and they decide what’s ok and what’s not. Contacting the COO was also a mistake I believe. I understand the situation and I am sad to see this. I assume your buyer was removed from the platform, since you said you can’t find him anymore. I am even more careful, I just take orders that require only a few hours of work. This way I am 100% sure I won’t have major issues. I avoid charging a lot, I kept low prices and while there are scammers from time to time, I just have them at the $10 or $15 level mostly. In fact, thanks to the low prices, scammers don’t really seem to care about me that much, they go for the big fish with orders worth hundreds 🙂 Hi, thanks for your message! So you really think this process is manual? And why do you think contacting COO was a bad idea?
  7. there were 5 orders between 995 and 890 USD. And I don’t care about Fiverr’s business if Fiverr doesn’t care about mine, I pay fair 20% of each order (and tips) to the platform, so I think that’s fair if they cover these drawbacks of their own system which occured for the first time with me. Why even making this “seller protection program” if it doesn’t protect and tech support that doesn’t support ?!
  8. haha, thats a very interesting writing style you have! thanks for making my face smile! :))) and yes, I agree with you! what shall we do then?!
  9. here is my case Fiverr seller protection program doesn't work, 3644$ scammed by fraudulent buyer's chargeback will really appreciate if you like and comment to drive more awareness to this topic! also here is the positive case of the same situation and some very good thoughts about this issue An old order has been canceled, and now my balance is negative - #23 by fonthaunt
  10. fiverr cuts 20% of each deal (even tips) so they need to deal with this kind of stuff. They even have this so called “seller protection program”. So they need to keep as as sellers from these frauds, I’m even ready to pay the seller insurance to cover these kinds of situations, but they don’t have any. Here is a very good thread about it An old order has been canceled, and now my balance is negative - #5 by catalin00 also the thread starter got refunded, so there is hope
  11. thanks for the comment and your kind words, but I’m not that type of person who will just take that and move on… I won’t respect myself if not to try to get these funds back. And this amount is very significant for me
  12. thank you very much for your kind words and advice! I’ve already send the message to Hila Klein fiverr COO) on facebook and left a comment to her recent post. Maybe people will “like” this comment to draw attention to this case thank you!
  13. have the same issue, 4 chargebacks from the same buyer, more than 3k $ deducted from my account. TS doesn’t help. Don’t know what to do.
  14. When there’s a chargeback, Fiverr bans the buyer (because chargebacks are not allowed). Multiple tickets opened about the same issue get closed as spam. If someone knows those contacts, I’m not sure it would be allowed to share them on the forum. I think that some sellers got help after contacting Fiverr on social media (of course, there’s no guarantee it would work in your case, especially with all the desperate ones spamming Fiverr’s social media with their gig links). thanks a lot for your help!
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