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  1. The money is gone, and your order completion rate will reflect that refund for the next 60 days.
  2. Thank you so much. Downloaded & will be reading it
  3. It’s not my opinion. It’s fact. It makes no sense and no one buys that way. And we don’t need 1000 sellers repeating this nonsense over and over again. I literally explain the ways every day. Evidently you don’t read that. You just read stupid tricks that don’t require any actual work or thought. You won’t get sales by repeating nonsense thousands of other sellers have already posted. hmm you right. i tray in future follow & read your all advise. Thanks
  4. Not this again. Why do you keep parroting lies? None of this works. This is your opinion. Not everyone’s opinion will be the same. Please tell, whats the way we can do it?
  5. not needed mask on my gigs, because my gigs not affected Corona virus 🙃
  6. welcome to Fiverr. tray active all tine on Fiverr & send proposal all Buyer request. hope you get order early
  7. welcome to the community. Best of luck 👍
  8. I don’t understand why he gave you 3.5 reviews after everything was fine. However, it may be a trick. To make you obedient to his next work.
  9. welcome to the Fiverr. i wishes your bright future on Fiverr
  10. you stay active on Fiverr everyday & submit every proposal come on your Buyer Request option. hope you get new order early.
  11. Congratulation. I wishes your bright future. will pray for us
  12. if you want best help please contact the customer support.
  13. welcome to amazing world. go ahead & make good future
  14. Fiverr Forum will help you know a lot of stuff about Fiverr- how it works, the Do’s and Don’ts for example, there are some common bugs which sellers/buyers face and the updates are posted. You can also improve your gigs and your selling strategies on Fiverr. There are also many posts offering advice on how to make sales and how to buy in a more effective and efficient way.
  15. stay online 15 hours per day & do apply all buyer request every day. i hope you will get early your first order. Thanks
  16. Great idea thanks for describe Fiverr Business
  17. welcome 💖 You create your better future here
  18. welcome ❤️ You create your better future here.
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