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  1. Hmm I was a level one ☝️ and just I had 20 dol to reach level two and demoted by on time delivery to new seller now my del time is more than 90% and I earned more th 2K dol so can’t I move directly to lvl 2 😭
  2. Hi I’m excited 😜 to reach level two this month 👑
  3. Are there any other way to go from new seller to level two because I have full filled all the requirements of level 1 and level 2 now
  4. But I have full fill all the eligibility to reach level two … so should I have to wait for one month time to get level two
  5. If I demoted from Level 1 to New Seller but I’m the next evaluation date I have qualification to reach Level 2 will I promote to new seller to level 2?
  6. so they have to act as a buyer right and make order more than $20+ so we will get 20% from it right?
  7. If I gave my ref link to my friend, and teach all the techniques … if he / she selling their services and make money, will I earn up to $100 based on their earnings?
  8. I succeed my life without any extension, but most of my friends are still using it, that’s why little bit wonder about it
  9. I saw a extension call quick view of buyers, just I used it. but suddenly fiverr asked to conform me not a robot, i just feared cause, it suspect about js code which was running at the behind, thats why I wanna know, is it legal to use extension It was just installed on chorme, but just I login my Id in that browser , after that incident . I logout my account from that browser
  10. but I use firefox… it has no extension, I love to move to the chrome… but still i fee worrying about the side effect of using extension
  11. I need to know about the advantage and disadvantage of using it
  12. I think take a test button is not working
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