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  1. You are welcome to the Fiverr community! All the very best
  2. This is so unfair! I’ll advise you Contact support … you will surely get your money back. But be prepared for your account to be banned. So sorry!
  3. If they already implemented it it means that it is possible. Alright! Thanks so much.
  4. Don’t you think it’s also tough times for fiverr? Don’t you think they are also loosing money? Do you realise that they also get interest from the bank for keeping money there for 14 days of pending clearance? Fair is when it’s win win or loose loose situation for both parties. What you are proposing is a win situation for you and loose situation for fiverr because they will loose cash from a bank that they are struggling with now. Why don’t you want to be empathetic to fiverr? Why do you only care about your immediate need and not the needs of a company that keeps you afloat? That’s just some thing to think about and a different perspective. The same as @urdeke I also would’ve been happy with them decreasing pending clearance time. Well, actually no. At this point I don’t really care as I have a steady flow of money clearing every day so I don’t keep an eye on when they will be cleared anymore. By the way some people said that they did implement for some sellers expedited funds clearing for each order but of course you’ll have to pay extra commission to get your money in one day. Is this possible on Fiverr?
  5. You are most welcome! I wish you all the very best.
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