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  1. Hey guys, finally, after 2 months of struggle on fiverr, i completed my first $10 order. and now I’m happy and waiting for next one. Thanks to all of you, who gave me their advices and this is the result.
  2. Don’t take stress… I also had no orders since last 2 months when i created my account. but yesterday i got my first order and i want to tell you that I have send more than 150 requests and than i got it my first order. ao keep trying and keep sending requests daily. you’ll get your first order soon.
  3. congratulations and best wishes… as you are Senior seller… can you check my gigs and tell me what is wrong with them!? I’m waiting since april mid but didn’t get any order. i have done all the things like, send at least 10 request a day, Write purposal manually, Stay online, share links. I need suggestions.
  4. You have answered your own question. The likely reason why you are not getting sales is because you send generic responses that demonstrate you’ve not read, understood or acknowledged you can do the buyer’s job. Please, take a moment to understand what you are trying to achieve. Is it better to send 100 replies that are unlikely to get you work, or five carefully written replies that demonstrate you’ve understand the task in hand and give confidence to the buyer that you’ve read and understand their offer of work? i totally understood now thanks for valuable information and i appreciate it… now I’ll write purposal myself on each buyer requests manually. Again big Thanks
  5. but if we write purposal manually and buyer requests are showing between 9 or 10 then if we will write manually than Other request will be Gone.
  6. Yeah i always write in purposals that i understood about what you want from me. and i also add my experience and skills which i offers here. no everytime i changes in my purposal according buyer needs. what should i do now to getting orders.
  7. Ok thanks I’ll do it as you told me. and again thanks for your valuable informations.
  8. Hello everyone, i want to share something very interesting… Today I just made a century (100+) not in completing orders but in sending proposal to buyer request but didn’t get any single order yet and I’m on fiverr since 17 March 2020. and I’m also providing 7 services so i made 7 gigs. i got 2 response from buyers but they was part of scam because they have told me to pay security fee first. Can Seniors help me what’s going wrong with me or my gigs?
  9. That’s the answer. It’s just 4 days, be patient and give it time 🙂 i saw your post and it’s good for information thanks.
  10. thanks for your information… i Really appreciate
  11. I’m waiting for the first order since last 2.5 months
  12. I’m waiting for the first order since last 2 months.
  13. I’m here since March and still waiting for the first order
  14. congrats… am still waiting for the first order
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