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  1. Happy New Year. This year 2021 has brought me a lot of work. I already have 10 orders in que after a long time. May we all together succeed and grow as a community and have an infinite amount of business this year. Stay blessed!
  2. Hey, I just got the promoted gigs feature on level 2 and got $10 free! Results so far look good. At least it’s in profit. Promoted Revenue1283×226 9.08 KB
  3. Hey, if the work is done and everything is good in between you and client, you just need to send a time extension request to the client using the resolution center at the top right corner of order page requesting him for more time for the order so it’s not considered as late. If client accepts the extension, you’ll see the order timer running again. Hope this helps. Thanks a lot Sam
  4. Haha, this isn’t a research, just a poll so our new community can see the potential in Fiverr and start working seriously!
  5. I would like to know what went through your mind when you copied my comment? Oh, haha! @hasanstores please share your own experience and avoid copying comment please. Thank you!
  6. I think in December, people do not spend a lot because of Christmas and Holidays.
  7. That’s the million dollar question. Every single seller who comes here complaining about not getting sales is selling things that have literally 60,000 competitors selling the exact same thing. That’s right. People make a gig that has literally 60,000 competitors. Yes it makes no sense but most sellers don’t research their competition or consider the role of supply and demand. They assume staying online and spamming the forum will override all that. It won’t, of course. I totally agree to that point. You need to see what service is in demand and has less number of sellers. For example a graphic designer may offer some unique type of logo, maybe targeting a specific audience like “I will design logo for real estate companies” or anything like that. You need to be unique and that will bring you success.
  8. Hey, hope you are doing well. Fiverr has tweaked the Out of Office mode. Follow these steps to turn it on: Go to your Fiverr profileOn the left side bar, under your profile picture, you’ll be able to see “Set Availability” button.Click that button and a pop up will appear where you need to set dates from when and till what date would you be unavailable and done! Your out of office mode will be active.Hope this helps. Thanks a lot Sam
  9. And if 20,000 of your competitors are doing the exact same thing? You can’t know why you ranked where you have or why your ranking changes. There are many many factors, most of which you are not privy to. Your personal experience is not a measurement, not odds it explain why things are they way they are. If you are looking into the competitors, then there are thousands of people offering the same service. Why would you even try creating a gig in the competition of thousands of people then? Of course different aspects all together help your gig rank well. It’s just one of them dear 🙂 A non active account never get’s ranked. Various of my friends created accounts and gigs and never came back to Fiverr. They never got any order on their inactive account as their inactive account’s gig never ranked automatically, while others who are active on Fiverr started getting order. It’s an obvious reason. Try creating a Fiverr account with 7 gigs and leave it offline and wait for years. You’ll never get orders. However there is no sure way or a 100% assured technique to rank your gig. It’s a bunch of tips that usually help people getting order. 🙂 I just hope these tips might help someone as most of the new sellers are struggling to get orders. And I do respect your opinion as well! Thank you so much!
  10. Actually when she said “It started from $100” she meant, the Poll started at $100. Right? @serrakizilkaya
  11. That might be helpful adding keywords. What’s bad in adding keywords, after all we do rate every buyer.
  12. @huzaifa25 @serrakizilkaya @faysalmohammed @blavaro Sorry guys, I just missed out the “Less Than $100” option and when I realized, I was not allowed to edit the Poll. However best of luck for December. Hope you all earn more!
  13. My tips: Study effective marketing techniques - “Principles of Marketing” by Phillip Kotler and Gary Armstrong is a good place to start Learn effective business communication - “Excellence in Business Communication” by John V. Thill is a good place to start. Read Fiverr’s Terms of Service and the Community Standards carefully. Use common sense. Think before you speak. Follow this Bible verse (you don’t have to be Christian - it is just generally good advice): “Let every person be quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger.” Trust your gut. Do not work with a buyer if something seems fishy. And, if something seems too good to be true, it most likely is. Know your boundaries and put your foot down when you need to. Continue reading and learning every day. Work hard. Never cut corners. Lift weights, do cardio. Eat healthy and count your calories. Meditate. Take cold showers. Do not get addicted to anything. Never misrepresent yourself. Make sure you can actually complete your offering to a professional standard and be honest about what you can do. Make sure to take breaks. Taking your weekends or at least Sunday off is healthy. Spend time doing things you enjoy and spend time with your family and friends. Study your competitors. Make sure your gigs stand out and adjust them if needed. Never rest on your laurels. Learn to accept and apply criticism. Use sunscreen. Some nice tips here, I’ve got after a long time! 😃 Thanks for sharing!
  14. Another source of motivation! 😃 6K is something really good and being in another country like Pakistan, after conversion rate, that’s a huge amount which people can never start earning after years of progress in the job market! Best of luck!
  15. Hey, for sure you are! You’ll be successful as all of others here. Be consistent and do not lose hope and you’ll be successful for sure! 🙂
  16. Haha, that’s amazing! As a part time 300-500 is a good amount 😃 Best of luck for the future reviews 🙂
  17. Hey, while he marks the order as complete and rates the work, that option appears but it doesn’t appear on the order page after the order has been marked as complete and rated. If the order is already marked as complete, buyer would’ve missed it.
  18. That is really great! After all it’s almost $2000 and that’s something really great and a source of motivation for new people in our Fiverr community! Best of luck for December!
  19. I hope you earn more as others are doing! Stay online and share your gig! Best of luck mate!
  20. Go to this earnings page you’ll see all amounts under pending clearance. What are the first 2 payments you see? Are they $20 and $80? If yes, that’s your earning for that order.
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