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  1. But order is complete. May he send after order complete?
  2. Hello, My buyer wants to give me some $. But the order is complete. Now how can I get the money? or may I create a bulk order? Is Fiverr allow bulk order? Thank You
  3. Can I use Teamviewer to installing an Email Signature on the buyer’s pc? Buyer don’t understand how to install the ES on their mail. Then he ask me to do that with teamviewer. May I do this? Is will allow Fiverr? Thank You
  4. How much Fiverr charged from the buyer for the order? For Seller it is 20%, but for buyers how much?
  5. Why? If Fiverr doesn’t request it, what’s the problem? I can withdraw dollar without ID verification?
  6. I have been working for many days in Fiverr. But Fiverr don’t send me any ID Verification Link in the notification. But I need to verify my ID now. 1. Where I can found the link then I can verify my id? 2. And can I withdraw Dollar without verification? Thanks 🙂
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