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  1. And how is this exactly? How do you “do marketing perfectly.” Explain it in more detail…
  2. Oh really, where is your order then? @freelancer_arah
  3. I am pretty sure that, whenever someone places an order, the buyers status changes to “repeat buyer” for us.
  4. @oskars25 Well, let’s see He has 0 sales, has a different profile pic when I click on his name… Where do I even start?
  5. Indeed, I just saw this as well. Honestly, these people come asking for help when they can’t even have the decency to put up their own artwork. Say no more, I am not going to help anyone that is plagiarising @enkisart
  6. No, I do not sorry. Any way you can send me a link to your profile?
  7. I tried searching up your name, you account isn’t even popping up?
  8. Upon inspecting your account, I could see that the thumbnails aren’t that good, the colour scheme is a bit off and not the best I believe you can do. Furthermore, 2 of your gigs contain only 1 image, if I was a buyer, I would never buy from someone who can’t even show their work, for example you are providing “youtube thumbnails”, yet I can only see 1 image of your work, this doesn’t cut it. That’s about it, - have a good day 🙂
  9. oh yes, apex legends is amazing! I agree with what you said above ^^
  10. Haha, damn you got me there, looks fun! COD is still better than “fortnite” (aka the game that every little kid spams), but Hey, lets not go there 😂
  11. If you have terrible taste, yes. COD is the minimum common denominator. Mainstream bs. Huge production values, though. Yeah true, I started playing COD a long time ago though, so that’s why I can’t hate on it :rofl: …
  12. make a game like call of duty? Wow, what are these people on, honestly cod is by far the best game…
  13. haha yeah, some meksell don’t even read their buyer requests before sending offers!
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