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  1. what will be the algorithm work in fiverr any one knows about that strategy and or steps to find buyer after second level
  2. The same way you would use SEO on any other page. Optimize your On-Page and Off-Page SEO. ON-PAGE The way we will do an On-Page optimization for any “normal” website page we first need to know how the search engine works on Fiverr. How Fiverr algorithm works in order to determine what gigs will get the top spots in the rankings. Fiverr algorithm ranks gigs first and foremost according to the number of reviews each gig gets, then based on the gig´s conversion rates and, lastly, on each gig´s tags and descriptions. So, in order to take the most advantage of this and “manipulate” Fiverr´s algorithm to our advantage, we have to make sure we do our best to satisfy their criteria. Therefore, we have to focus our attention, efforts, and resources to Optimize your gig. Like any other product or service page, you will need to optimize your gig for SEO. This means making sure you add relevant keywords to your gig title, description, and tags. Make your title is “click-worthy” and you´re not just repeating what others are doing. Remember, you want to stand out from the crowd, this is the only way to make yourself notice on such competitive freelance platform such as Fiverr. In order to make your title more appealing to potential clients, it is advisable to use adjectives to best describe your service. Don´t just say you will deliver a “professional” service because people already expect this. Instead, appeal to the emotional side to “influence” people´s decision. For example something like “I Will Do Breathtaking Cinematic Video Editing”. Another element you can add tt your gig title in order to stand out from the crowd is to add additional related services and delivery time. For instance, if we continue with the video editing example from above you can add something like a post-production service delivered in 48 hours. This will surely catch anyone´s eyes. Identically, you should also focus on optimizing your description. Optimizing your title as stated above will result in more people entering your gig but what´s going to get you sales and increase your conversion is how well optimized is your description. Look at it this way, optimizing your title to increase conversion it´s like having people entering a restaurant but your description it´s like the menu. If they don´t have any previous experience with your services what will make them buy from you and NOT your competition it´s going to be your description so you have to make sure it’s built accordingly. How? Well, here are some pieces of advice on the matter… Make sure you highlight the benefits of your service - I want to emphasize something here. See how i mention “benefits” and not “features”? This is an important psychological commercial hack that has proven to work very effectively. People don´t care what you´re capable of they are more interested in how THEY will benefit from it. How YOU will help THEM on achieving their goals, the very main reason why they went into fiverr in the first place.Convinced them you are the RIGHT person for the job - you need to very subtly highlight the benefits for them to work with you and NOT with a much higher rated buyer from the community. Think about it, would you buy services from someone new or with very little experience in the community or from someone with a much bigger track record?Be as clear as possible about what´s included in your gig - Put yourself int the position of a potential customer and try to answer the most common questions someone on their position may be having. By all means, don´t try to fool or mislead anyone into buying your gig because you may get a few sales there but you´re going to be vulnerable to negative feedback.Also, make sure to add customized and catchy images to your gig as well a short intro video of your service. Adding an intro video is something not many gig has and will surely benefit your conversion as it is proven that introducing yourself through a video improves the emotional connection between you and the potential customer increasing conversion. Lastly, do a little competition research to evaluate and analyze the price range structure of all the similar gigs from the top sellers on your niche. This will give you an excellent idea of how you should price your services. But there´s a big twist here. START OFFERING YOUR SERVICES AT A LOWER PRICE RANGE AS YOUR COMPETITORS! I cannot stress this enough. This is crucial in order to penetrate Fiverr´s market and start generating traffic and sales to your gigs. Once you have that momentum and have built some reputation on the community then you can adjust your prices accordingly. Now, let´s move into OFF Page SEO. How to I effectively promote my Fiverr gig? Assuming you did everything as stated above. One of the most effective ways to promote your services on Fiverr is by also “manipulating” it´s algorithm in our favor. How? One of the most important thing, especially for new accounts, is to get that first sale. This is really important. If you´re struggling to get any sales you can always talk to a family member or a friend for them to buy your gig and post a great review. I can´t stress enough how important this is. Getting your first sales and positive reviews will automatically boost your gig´s rankings considerably. Another great way to promote your Fiverr gig, and this is something i don´t see mentioned too often, is by acquiring these services from other fellows Fiverr member. Did you know you can also find gigs on Fiverr dedicated to promoting other people´s gigs? Crazy ah? And everything for $5 to $15 you can get a mention on accounts with lots of followers and engagement. Also, Make sure you keep an eye on buyer requests. People often forget about this but many people don´t like to spend too much time browsing through potentially hundreds of gigs overall offering the same services. Instead, they rather publish a gig request for the seller to come and make a proposal. On this cases, make sure you spend time optimizing this following the same guidelines i mention for the description. In addition to all the above, social media marketing is something you just don´t have the luxury to waste. Billions and billions of people are active on all the social media platform at any given time during the day. This is just too good for you to pass. Besides, it´s FREE TRAFFIC! Yeah, but how do i take advantage of this? There are dozens of Facebook groups about Fiverr where you can join them and, not only promote your gig, but also exchange likes, views, and impression. All of which, will come together and improve your gig´s rankings.You can also leverage Twitter, Quora and LinkedIn for this by adding your Fiverr profile on each of those accounts profiles/bio and by just been active posting on that platform you will by default increase your outreach and exposure driving traffic to Fiverr. Make sure those profiles are also optimized. Fill all the necessary information and make them look as professional as possible. Be on the look for niche related groups and questions and ALWAYS try to add value to those communities. Don´t try to push your service down their troats otherwise, you risk looking like a spammer.And lastly, by online as much as possible. I know this sounds obvious, but building everything and just login in from time to time “just to see” if you got any sales it´s just not going to work out. Be as active promoting your gig as you will inside fiverr. Remember, Fiverr also has a forum that it should be like your second home. Answering people´s questions. Even if they´re not related to your services and even if you don´t know the answer. GOOGLE IT! Over 70% of all the freelancing services out there in the internet offer something people are capable of doing but are too lazy to spend a couple of hours on the internet trying to search for an answer and/or learn how to do it themselves. Hope you find this post helpful, Cheers and Good luck!
  3. Just try to do without expect any goal you will achieve success when you have not such expectations from world.
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