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  1. I'm not seeing any buyer request today. I work as a Graphic Designer on Fiverr. But is it happening to everyone?
  2. Just try to keep everything up to date. Think as a buyer not as a seller. Hopefully it’ll work.
  3. The last was given by the client was 3 months ago :") IDK what to do now.
  4. After achieving Level 1 I’m not getting any orders for 3 months. Any suggestions, please?
  5. Define your “best”. What ACTIONS are you taking to build your reputation as a great seller, connect to your target customers, and convince them to hire you. What ACTIONS are you taking to compete against the thousands of other sellers that offer the same services as you? I’m trying by best convince the clients. Talking with them politely & I also cut some discounts if they ask also. Even doing marketing but still no use.
  6. Ok brother thanks for your suggestion.
  7. Not getting any orders until 24 days. Trying my best but still no good news.
  8. Thanks. I’ve tried this method too but still not getting any orders.
  9. Welcome to Fiverr brother. Anyways great job. keep doing good works.
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