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  1. Hello! Just delivered this buyer's order and he accepted it left a good review too. After a few minutes he asked me to email him the file as he was unable to download it. I told him that Fiverr does not allow us to contact outside Fiverr and told him that he'll find a download button in the delivered file section but he started getting angry saying that "I will never use your service again all other sellers email me stuff when I ask them, My money and time is wasted" I sent him the file through a link from "wetransfer" and he still said "I don't know how are you delivering the file it is still not opening or downloading". I asked him to try it on a PC and he did and now he said "Now how will I be able to transfer it to my phone you are no good" and then stopped replying. EDIT: He is a top buyer and is saying that I will make sure you get flagged! I don't know what to say he just don't know how to download the file I'm afraid he will rate me negative in the hidden review that Fiverr asks after 24 hours. Please let me know what can I do now?
  2. Hey! Thank you so much, guys! @leannelrivers @vibronx @imagination7413 yeah I’ll increase the prices as I get on to the next level next 15th! and @imagination7413 I’ll read the thread. Once again thanks a lot for providing you valuable feedbacks.
  3. Hello! Everyone I hope you all are good and safe. Actually, I’m a student and I provide video editing and photo animation services but recently I’m getting so much work that I’m never free and in this way, I literally get no time for my studies and very little time for sleep and sometimes the work get delayed. I just want to manage both. So my question is that what can I do? Can I hire other freelancers to divide the work? Or any suggestions from senior freelancers are welcome ☺️ I also heard about Fiverr studio but I don’t think everyone can set it up as it’s still in beta or something. I don’t want to cut the orders in half by setting any limit on my gig I just want some suggestions on how can I manage it all. Regards, awais_098
  4. Hello! As long as you and your buyer are easy that way there is nothing wrong.
  5. Hello! I’m a level one seller. I was getting a good number of orders from when I started but suddenly from oast w months I’m making even less than 50% of my income. Very few orders and I don’t know what went wrong… Suggestions from professionals will be appreciated! 😊 Please let me know what I can do. Regards, Awais_098
  6. Hm…I wonder how this will help to deal with these kind of buyers?
  7. Hello! There is this women who once bought a video from me. She asked me to to make a video for her website like an ad. Now she came back she asked for a sample for a new video she needed I agreed. She sent me the content. I choose some stock videos from the internet too and made her a good video on the beat of the music. The sample took like 1.5 to 1.6 hours. She asked me to change the music now as the video was set on beat I had to edit it again but I didn’t said no. She asked me to send her some tracks to choose from. I started finding the tracks which took time too. But than she disliked all of them and asked me to find new tracks. I asked her to go to these websites there you can find a lot of tracks and can send me the one you like in this way time will be saved (as a lot of was been wasted). She got annoyed and started saying that “What are you charging for? Do I have to look it myself?” and this that now what to do? First I spent time on her free sample than the tracks and now this is what she is saying! Don’t know what to do. She doesn’t even know how much time it takes to work on something like this!
  8. Hello! Previous month I turned on “out of office” mode for a week but after than when I came back on fiverr I got no orders for a week and then there were like a few (2 or 3) orders previous month and now its 10th of next month and I’ve got no orders! I’m so worried it has never happened before but now I don’t know what to do! Please help me guys tell me anything that I can do to boost the sales and can I promote my gigs using adwords or facebook ads to get the impressions and clicks that I’ve stopped getting? Please give me some good advice I’ll be very very thankful!
  9. Same here! I was growing pretty fast and was thinking of being promoted to level two in few months but suddenly I stopped getting orders! Don’t know what to do now…just don’t know!!
  10. yeah that’s what I’m doing… BTW Happy Birthday!
  11. Hey! So few days back I got busy for 7,8 days so I turned on vacation mode on my profile. Few days after I came back and waited for the orders again but nothing! There were few orders only like 2,3 and those were by previous clients only. Before that I used to get orders after every 2,3 days from new clients mostly. But now my gig is on the last in the search results and I’m getting no impressions or clicks. I don’t know what to do.
  12. Hey! Just updated my xiaomi device to MIUI 12 and its dark mode even lets you dark 3rd party apps I tried with fiverr app and it looks amazing! Just posting to show you guys I hope fiverr will release their dark mode officially soon Screenshot_2020-09-18-16-03-29-317_com.fiverr.fiverr1080×2340 39.4 KB PicsArt_09-18-04.07.221080×2340 218 KB
  13. Hey! Welcome to fiverr, Your profile looks good to me at first its really hard to get any orders. What worked for me was the ‘Buyer Requests’ send at least 7 or 8 requests daily and I’m sure that you will get some orders from there. 🙂
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