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  1. Brother I had the same issue, contacted fiverr support, I got one solution. Clear cache and cookies more often. I now clear them whenever I go offline.
  2. No, it’s not. Nor it’s “important” neither it helps. It’s one of the myths that inexperienced sellers keep telling to each other. You actually might only hurt yourself if client would think that you are online when in reality you are not. It do effects but mostly seller turn on the filter for online if they don’t have time to wait.
  3. Yes, you can deactivate your account, you won’t be able to use that email again to register on fiverr. You won’t be able to activate is again.
  4. Yes, same here. Even some people can’t login to the site.
  5. Yes, you’re right. You can also read the Payoneer policy statement.
  6. Transfer from fiverr to Payoneer doesn’t cost a penny. Transfer from Payoneer to local bank cost $3. I am using transfer to local bank and I think there is no conversion fee.
  7. Hey, I can understand your situation. I have faced a same situation. I was doing 100% in all the requirements and then suddenly my all gigs went to the last page. I contacted fiverr, they said gigs are rotating. I stayed calm and did other activities I missed for a complete month. I was very hard time for me as I had been doing so much hard work with 100% order completion rate and doing orders on regular basis with 5 stars. Then the issue of gig status resolved and I checked one of my gigs became the fiverr choice, yay! I was so happy, that means there was really an issue with the algorithms although fiverr didn’t accept that. Few days after I realized my gig doesn’t appear in online search filter and it was causing my gigs to go back. I contacted support and he advised, I must clear my cookies and cache which I did. After doing that my gigs started to appear in online search filter. I would recommend, check if your gig appear in online search status or not. I wish you very good luck!
  8. Can you share which rule we break to ask this? it is okay to ask for a feedback after doing your job. You can not ask buyer to give positive feedback but you can ask for feedback.
  9. Buyer can leave a review even after 9 days of delivery acceptance. Maybe he is busy and will get back to you. The good way to ask for review is to say, he I would really appreciate if you leave your honest feedback with your delivery as well as in inbox.
  10. It means that Fiverr is choosing who gets it. Just because you are eligible doesn’t mean you’ll get the feature, like how not everyone eligible for TRS gets promoted to TRS. Here’s the original topic for the launch of the promoted gigs feature: I think the OP is asking about the new feature of promoting your gigs with paid promotion and not the handpicked.
  11. If your gig is ranking then you should not make edits to your gig, it will effect the rank, I experimented this. If your gig is not ranking then you should make the changes. I am telling this from my own experience, there is no hard and fast rule of course.
  12. Who said? I am a level two seller with more than 130 reviews, I don’t see this option. If you have seen this information somewhere please share.
  13. How is that lame? Fiverr is allowed to make revenue on their own site, especially from the people they built the platform to serve. If you want 100% of your revenue, then you would be best going through the many steps to build your own website, service platform, and everything else an independent brand needs to put into place. You agreed to share your revenue with Fiverr when you signed up for your account. Fiverr keeps 20% of every sale, and you keep 80%. That sounds like a fantastic deal. I am neither a “paid promotion”, nor a Fiverr employee. I share my wisdom and opinions for free. Of course. Although, I should note, saying something that is intended to offend someone, and then saying, “no offense, of course”, doesn’t take away the offense that was already expressed. Who said about getting 100%? Please read your comment again, you said 20% is quite small. So you’re passing a judgment here? You share your wisdom for free and I shared mine. I used the word " it feels like".
  14. I have been “experiencing” new and repeat clients for many years here on Fiverr. I’m not sure why you are assuming that I haven’t. I am no stranger to steady success on this site. I am a veteran seller. As I understand it, the ads program will be voluntary. No one is being forced to participate. And no one’s gigs are going to be invisible in the search results just because they choose not to join the program. Please don’t make wild generalizations. Mathematically, when you keep 80% revenue, 20% is comparatively quite small. None of this comes out of your revenue. These are fees the buyer pays, separate from any of your gig pricing. I don’t understand how this fits into your complaint. This fee does not hurt your profit margain. Please stop. Fiverr is not forcing anyone to participate in their ad program. As is the case with almost all advertising programs, it is 100% voluntary. If you hate the idea of the advertising program, then don’t participate. Again, not true. This is a voluntary advertising program. No one is being forced to participate. That’s a rather misinformed opinion, but you are entitled to it. Fiverr is likely instituting this ads program in order to open up another stream of revenue – which they are 100% allowed to do, here on their website. They are entitled to profit as well, and with this program, they are profiting from sellers who WANT to participate. There’s nothing wrong with that. This is Fiverr’s site, and theirs to experiment with as they grow and refine their choice of business model. That’s a most lame argument I have seen so far. What do you mean by that? You’re doing the job! someone is charging you 20% not even for once but for each order just because they’ve build this site to give you a platform. I was reading your arguments but I must say, it feels like you’re doing a paid promotion and nothing else. No offense of course.
  15. I used to check my gig and I know about the search keywords, I did my research before creating my gigs. This is something else, it doesn’t appear on those keywords now. I check it few hours before it was there and then disappeared.
  16. You’re right, most importantly I wanted to help him. It wasn’t about the money tho
  17. I can see your gigs in the front in both category (Online coding) and search (teach Java), so there’s no reason to complain. I don’t think it’s the reason in your case, but it’s good to understand that the algorithm doesn’t take “without even asking” into account. Three days ago I got a customer. He placed an order without reading. He paid $5 and demanded services for $30. He simply ignored my questions and extra payment requests, so I had to cancel. Actually I didn’t wanted to cancel as it effects the rating, I helped him as much as I could and even charged him very less, it was of $60 and I charged him $8.
  18. I can see your gigs in the front in both category (Online coding) and search (teach Java), so there’s no reason to complain. I don’t think it’s the reason in your case, but it’s good to understand that the algorithm doesn’t take “without even asking” into account. Three days ago I got a customer. He placed an order without reading. He paid $5 and demanded services for $30. He simply ignored my questions and extra payment requests, so I had to cancel. You can see? really? What did you search?
  19. It is 4.3 and it’s just one on my single gig, how it can effect my other gigs? The review itself is good. he placed the order without even asking and the time was very short.
  20. I have had 2 gig on first page and then I created the third gig which also came to first page after completing some orders. After like 2 weeks after creating that gig, my all gig now has disappeared from search yesterday. They were on the top and weren’t that old, I joined fiverr 4 months ago.
  21. Hey! I hope you guys are doing well. I joined fiverr 4 months ago and done more than 100 projects with positive rating. My 3 gigs(different type) used to appear on first page, yesterday they suddenly disappeared from search results. I haven’t violated any rule and still were completing my projects on daily basis with good user satisfaction. Just to make sure that, I haven’t made any changes in any of my gigs. I wonder why did it happen? Is there anyone who has experienced the same thing?
  22. Cancellation will appear for two months but a negative review will stay there forever.
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