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  1. Hello everyone. I have been working on Fiverr for over a year. Thankfully, I have been doing pretty well and reached Level 2 very quickly. But I've always had a feeling that I'm undervaluing my skills and aptitude. I started Fiverr as a part-time hobby but now I want to stretch this work to a valuable source of income. I used to sell SEO servicies, but now I want to expand my work by providing WordPress services side by side. But now for the question. I want to do well in WordPress. I've seen the saturated market on Fiverr, and to do good, I will have to master WordPress and provide services better and more unique than most sellers out there to beat the competition. That is why I want expert's opinions on how I can master WordPress. I'm completely aware that that will require a lot of time and practice, similar to all skills out there, and I am up for the challenge. What I need from you is guidance. What is there to learn out there for WordPress? I followed a YouTube video on how to make a simple website. I bought domain and hosting and started working on a portfolio website. It's just for practice so it isn't really good, with a lot of content copy pasted/picked up from random places, but yeah, I'm working on it. (www.shmdtalha.com). Other than the separate pages I have to make for each service, I am stuck. I used Elementor to make it and I'm stuck because I don't understand what else to do and learn. I'm confused xD Secondly, if you go to this page https://shmdtalha.com/fiverr-gig-seo/ and to the "Extra Services" block, zoom in and out. I'll share a picture of the problem. It is probably like that because I added text on a fixed background picture. What is the proper way of making blocks like that? Is Elemntor a bad choice for that? Should I be using another tool? Second question is what programming languages are necessary to learn and what languages should I learn for my own betterment. I do not have a background in Computer Science as a subject, but I am ready to learn any programming language it needs. I know that I'll have to work on HTML, CSS, SQL and PHP. What I need is full control of my website. I want to make elegant, and powerful websites. I don't want to reuse and recycle templates. I want to do professional work. If you can guide me onto how I can learn WordPress from scratch, I will be extremely gratfeul.
  2. Thank you very much for your help. I’ll contact customer support now, just to be on the safe side.
  3. Studio profile in fiverr is different from someone having his sibling having an account as well. In fiverr studio people of the same studio will be in the same profile when they are not even in the same country. Yeah, I had my doubts about that. I wanted to work together with him on single projects, like content writing with SEO. So how do I do that?
  4. Hello everyone! After working on Fiverr for several months, and being in countless Fiverr-oriented groups, I understand that making duplicate accounts is against Fiverr policies. Disobeying can lead to a ban on both the accounts. The problem is that a family member of mine wants to make an account for himself. We live in the same account and we use the same internet connection. Is this allowed on Fiverr? And if it is, how will their automated system identify both the accounts as NOT being duplicate. I work as an SEO expert and he wants to work as a content writer. We were also looking to work together, as a Fiverr Industry, to seem more professional. How can we do this while living under the same roof? Disclaimer: I am in no mood of bending rules, dodging policies or lying in any way. I want to work in a safe environment, because, number 1, I want to work honestly, and number 2, I don’t want my account flagged. I need safe suggestions and honest guidance. Thanks in advance!
  5. Yes, you’re definitely right. Thank you a lot for your time; I really appreciate it!
  6. Thank your for the reply 🙂 Yes, I can access my Payoneer account. But what bugs me is that i have not received any notification or confirmation letter/email that my Fiverr revenue Card has been shipped. I only saw that confirmation page when i applied for it. So I’m very doubtful if it has even been shipped or not. Are there any prerequisites for the card? I have completed all verification processes on fiverr and Payoneer, including ID verification, so we can put that aside. I don’t know if this helps you or not, but I still have not sent my earnings to Payoneer. Do I have to do that to order the card?
  7. Hi there For the first time in my Fiverr career, I am about to withdraw my earnings. However, I’m extremely baffled about how I am supposed to withdraw my earnings. First of all, I made my Payoneer account, and it got approved without any problem. Then I applied for the Fiverr Revenue Card, and I got directed to a page which said that it will notify me once it gets shipped. However, when I select the Fiverr Revenue Card option, I get this popup which is allowing me to transfer funds to the card. But I have not received the card physically, so is this supposed to be like this or is it a bug? Should I press continue or will my money get sucked into oblivion? Capture|502x499 Secondly, how do I track the card’s delivery?
  8. I think that I am a bit late, but since you and your buyer trust each other, just send a portion of the work as a delivery and CLEARLY EXPLAIN why you sent the sample. Tell her that she doesn’t need to accept the work now, and can even put it into revision since she has to send a revised version.
  9. Yeah, he did mention about another order with another seller. Maybe she got more infuriated and had his account banned, if he did the same thing with her.
  10. Update: So now I tried it on my laptop. When I press his name in my chat box, I get redirected back to my seller homepage. What does this show (or mean)?
  11. First of all, you need to understand how the Buyer Requests work. You need to look at it from the Buyer’s perspective, what he sees, what he figures out. The best way of doing this is by sending a buyer request by yourself! Send one, related to your niche. See what sellers offer and how they put their wordings to stand out from the other 100 offers. See the best, learn to write and give offers like them. Other tips will be to 1.Never copy paste your offers. This is what I have learnt from sending buyer requests as a buyer. Most people copy paste their offers without even reading my buyer requests. Their offers look foolish and dumb,and they have no idea what you are talking about when you contact them later on. 2. Always talk about the buyer’s job in your offer Make them feel involved. Use the terminology and words the buyers have used. Say things like “I can proofread your 150,000 words within a week, especially because I love the action genre which you have mentioned” if they buyer has requested to ‘Proofread my 150,000 words story of action genre’. You get what I mean? In the end, good luck with your work. Don’t lose hope if you don’t get orders for a few weeks. Happens to most new freelancers.
  12. Hello Everyone. I have a gig in which I design gig images and help in the SEO of their titles and descriptions. After giving huge discounts, I accepted an order from a certain person. I was to do the work in 24 hours. Since I was free, and had nothing else to do, I managed to do the work within 4 hours. When I delivered my work, I assumed that he would be happy like all my previous clients but…he managed to becomes a pain in the neck. “Very Late Work” “Very poor quality work” “Stop cheating, you didn’t send image” “Everything on copy paste basis” I did the work from scratch in one-sixth of the given time. The image was definitely attached. People have paid 5x to me for the same quality work, and have been very happy with it. Nothing was copy pasted. ( He gave no proof when I asked for it. He never stopped blabbering “I checked it manually”) Finally he opened dispute to cancel the order after I failed to convince him to stop acting like a lunatic. I was happy to cancel the order because I would not like to work with him, and he wasn’t talking rationally. There was no way he would try to understand. Story does not end here. I am pretty sure that he was there to steal my work for free. Next morning (today) I see that when I opened our conversation box, it says that he cannot be contacted. And when I open his profile, I can’t see the 7 gigs that he had made prior to our order. It says that he has no gigs to show. Has he blocked me? The account doesn’t looked banned, but when I see his profile through an incognito tab, not signed in, I still can’t see his gigs. How do I make sure that he doesn’t steal my work? Any help will be appreciated. Thank you!
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