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  1. Hi @creatives_de I can understand the situation you are going through. I am also facing the same problem, my gig was on first page and now it is on last page for more than a month. Views, clicks and impressions are going down day by day. I am unable to find out the reason why it is happening.
  2. @cshamza23 I am experiencing same issue from last 20 days. My gig views are continuously going down and I am not receiving messages from buyer but previously I was used to receive at least one message daily.
  3. Level 2 Unlocked; an achievement with lessons for life! Well, beginners! It might be a WOW moment for you looking at someone who has achieved a bit more than you, but trust me, it was never that easy for them. I came to know Fiverr through my friend (now fiancée) when together we opted for an online freelancing course for which I was least interested and our first assessment was to create an account on any online marketplace, for us it was Fiverr. In the first impression, I hated it TBH. It was May’19 and after a long summer day of fasting, I was about to sleep at night but had to complete the first assignment. Got angry on me 'cause it was confusing but ended up creating the account with no gigs at all. And guess what? I never opened it for 3 months. So, August it was. Out of nowhere, I came across Fiverr again. Started exploring it for I wanted to earn more, made multiple Gigs and on 26th of September, got the first text that turned into sale. I was happy as I ended up getting the tip and I kinda started liking Fiverr too. 😉 I started checking it daily, installed the app and got one to two orders monthly. Slowly and steadily completed my 10 orders in February and whoa! on evaluation day I reached LEVEL 1. After Level 1, everything got fantastic, my stats increased, the number of messages and orders increased and Alhumdulillah I was now earning well. But April’20 it was when I got a problematic buyer! Delivered her two orders and she did charge-back for things she never discussed prior buying… Got a warning with two canceled orders and I got demoted to new seller on May 15th evaluation. I was angry and depressed at the same time. I couldn’t help it but left it upon Almighty, as I believe, for every difficulty there comes an ease. I kept on working and never giving up, found multiple great buyers who buy my services frequently, and on July 15th I achieved level 2. So folks, it is never easy achieving your goals but if you’re persistent with hard-work, success comes from places you’ve never imagined. Keep faith and keep growing! 🙂
  4. Level 2 Unlocked; an achievement with lessons for life!
  5. Level 2 Unlocked; an achievement with lessons for life!
  6. @saraonline yes Fiverr is working on fixing this bug. Gig1052×536 44.2 KB
  7. @saadbhatti yes I am facing this issue from past 5 days.
  8. Yes, it is a bug. Everyone is facing the same issue.
  9. It means I am not the only one. I hope Fiverr will resolve it soon.
  10. https://www.fiverr.com/syedathar744/design-training-business-presentations-and-workshops My gig views, clicks and impressions are stuck at zero since 29th of April. Is it a bug or actually my gig views have dropped down? Is there any solution for it? Please suggest. Thank you, Syed
  11. Hi @vectormediagr, welcome to Fiverr, I wish you get your first order soon 🙂
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