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  1. Thanks for the response. It’s all worth considering I suppose.
  2. Just a few quick questions. Is it against the Terms of Service to offer discounts to buyers that referred your gig to someone else? I don’t see an issue, and reading through the TOS, I see nothing that says not to do that. Has anyone ever tried to use their own referral marketing in their gigs? If so, what was that experience like? If it’s against the TOS, please tell me. I don’t want to break the rules.
  3. Kids… some of the above advice is pretty obvious. While in a sense some of it could hurt you in the long run. Like ‘treat your buyers like gods.’ Treat them as people or partners, or friends even. But bowing down to their every request will leave you with no income. MOST buyers will opt in for free work if you say that what they say goes. It is a balance though. Stay humble but don’t know give them your power. I’m new to Fiverr as well. This is all my opinion.
  4. I’m not understanding why you would need to restate all pricing and perks in the description if they are already clearly outlined in the pricing and scope section. Plus, I’ve seen gigs that do not put the perks in the description, and they have 50+ reviews. I’m just wondering why you would use part of your limited character count on something that is already stated at the right of the description.
  5. @imagination7413 I have found many of your posts on the forum helpful! Thank you for taking the time to share your experiences and learnings!
  6. Seemingly, I can’t open the link that you shared.
  7. It’s completely based on opinion of course what a good video is. 😀 thanks for the list though! Do you have any favorites?
  8. I wasn’t looking to hire someone to make a video. I wanted specific examples of gigs with well made intro videos. 😃
  9. I think that I heard this saying from @articulateasian on her YouTube channel. It’s surprising, but i actually haven’t watched any youtube videos about Fiverr. I mostly read articles because I like to get straight to the information. The Freelance Effect – 4 Mar 18 Make Money on Fiverr: 17 Advanced Tips to LEVEL UP Your Fiverr GameLet's face it, it's 2018 and this "Fiverr" thing isn't getting any easier. You spend hours setting up your gigs, days waiting for orders to roll in, and weeks trying to hustle your first few sales. And then.... crickets. I know,... This is the article. It may also be helpful to the @creativetie
  10. I’ve been searching for gigs on Fiverr that have well done gig videos. Can you think of any? If so, post the link to the gig below. I think that the community could really benefit from examples.
  11. Can’t guarantee that it will get you sales, but this is my point of view. A video is essential, I believe. Me as a buyer would be more interested in who I’m hiring than the services they offer. How do they present themselves? Are they good at communicating? How much do they care about quality? Is it obvious that they shot a video in one take and put very little thought into what they were saying. Did they really try? I’d say that the buyers enjoy the videos. I would wager that sellers with videos are more likely to get returning clients. You are selling yourself as much as the services you offer.
  12. I’m new here, but I read that Fiverr is a marathon, not a sprint. Just be patient and create the best work that you can. I advise that you don’t quit, and keep working at it. 7 orders in a year is more than I have because I’ve yet to apply myself. Don’t get discouraged! Step back and rework your gigs. Delete them even to start fresh. Try something new.
  13. That’s really good to hear! Thank you! I realize that this is going to be a lot work in order to receive results. I’m trying to just start with one gig, and aiming to make it as thoughtful as possible. It’s been a very enjoyable, fulfilling challenge.
  14. Let me make it clear that I have not even posted a gig yet, but I have been reading the conversations about how reactions to COVID-19 are causing Fiverr orders to slump. I was just wondering. Did I pick the worst possible time to try freelancing? I’m currently working on setting up my first gig. I plan on publishing soon. I suppose, I shouldn’t be surprised if I don’t get instant gratification with this one. I have a day job still. So, I’m not relying on this. However, I was wondering what the community’s thoughts were on starting fresh as a freelancer in a time of crisis. I’m going to try regardless. I have nothing to lose. Thanks in advance for your feedback!
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