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  1. I pretty often get tips, in most cases buyers would tip me with 20$. From my experience that happens, when I take the customers idea, realize it, but put a sweet cherry on top - I dont mean extra work, but to enhance what a customer has in mind will flash him/her 🙂
  2. Think about this: how sustainable are your prices? As a freelancer you have to pay everything on your own. Don’t compare yourself with a contract worker. What about your health insurance? Do you wan’t to go to holidays? What if you get sick? You have to do so many things you won’t get paid for (taxes, accounting…) You won’t get jobs from nine to five. So those few gigs you are doing have to cover everything. Here is some advice I found: Freelancer Blog – 6 Feb 20 [stundensatz berechnen] für Freelancer | freelancermapNetto-Stundensatz für 6 Fachgebiete. Beispiel-Kalkulation ✔ Studien-Ergebnisse ✔ Jetzt berechnen & als Freelancer durchstarten! ? 😅 … Or just work more quickly 😮
  3. I think there are sellers around who just use algorithmic logo generators and try to sell this as unique logo to you. (If you are looking for logos) I have seen some youtube advice about that. But in the end: if you are just willing to buy for 5 bucks you won’t get quality work. (I’m not speaking of you, just general) It also depends on where you live. If you are working from a country with low costs you have the advantage to charge less. But here in Germany a freelancer has to charge around 50€ per hour or more to be profitable… 50 euros? :O… i charge faaar less per hour and still feel like im on the right way (im German as well…). mmhh now you connfused me. if i took 50 euros per hour, one animation (including design) would be like 300 euros :O… talking about detailed animations for twitch alerts
  4. try tp update your keywords, that just gave me a huge boost of 800 impressions! I already had that specific keyword included in my gig text, but I just tried putting it as one of the 5 keywords additionally and yeah, wonders happend 😃
  5. i would say its good to have a combinaton of both. but at least one image is mandatory for your gig being able to get published
  6. the video will always show as a thumbnail, if you have a video included. what you can do is add the picture, that you want to be your thumbnail to the end or beginning of the video, so you can chose it to be displayed through the timestamps 🙂
  7. the service youre good in will be trending 🙂
  8. its a bit like looking at perfect insta fitness models - you have to decide if you want to get motivated, or demotivated by that. but everyones different. focus more on yourself! 🙂
  9. thanks for your answers, i appreciate it a lot 😃
  10. Hey everyone, i have a question towards streaming on Twitch. Am I allowed to stream work that I do for Fiverr? I mean with the clients agreement of course. Thanks 🙂
  11. thanks for your answer. The strange thing is the logo that he wanted on the panels was the logo of the actual channel oO… but do you think i should report this guy? he has been member since 2014, but doesnt have any ratings so far.
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