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  1. i got the same notification just yesterday. Not promotable (Unqualified) meanwhile i've been using it for like 1 to 2 month now , all my gig sent to back
  2. i have mine Restricted for months. the method i use in getting it back is sharing my gig online for potential buyer and the use of buyer request
  3. it’s doesn’t always show for new seller, but stay online more often and check time to time
  4. i hope i get a invite soon
  5. you can contact support for more understanding, all i know you guys should not use same PC
  6. 1 account per person, check the TOS, you’ll understand better. or contact support
  7. one can learn from each other, kindly share if you have any
  8. so much needed features
  9. gig has no static position, wait few day, and you’ll have your gig back in it’s position, also share your gig on social media to attract client who need your services
  10. it’s calculated for last 60days , if you don’t perform well in last 60days, then that’s the result
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