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  1. Brother saw you gig and find space for few improvements… Your Profile photo is not clear…The face is not visibleImprovement: Take a picture in good light, where your shoulders are visible and face is bright …remove the background. Your gig images use Stock images that a bad sign of quality.Improvement: Use pic without Watermark of i stock…include your own pic…because people love people. Your gig tags are off the charts…means they are low competitive keywords in term of competitors but also low in term of queue orders ona specific Keyword.Improvement: Use keyword on which gigs have queue orders. Use Buyers requestBonus: 1st Order is never easy. Show your work to friends and family and ask them if they buy your gig. Different people on 4 day time then order…4-5 day second order. This is strategy. People Trust Review. Even they are from family or friends take upto 10 orders…there you go …orders come one by one boom Improvement: Go to youtube and find plenty of channels for gig improvement for tips.
  2. Anyone give me gig ideas? What is low competition and high sales ideas on Fiverr? or Share your gig here
  3. very Bad experience with this feature… Itried for almost 10 time…one hour after another ErrorId 207 : Incorrect TestId ErrorId 207 : Incorrect TestId ErrorId 207 : Incorrect TestId
  4. @fahimulkarim Al Hum du lillah! Brother thank you for informing!
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